Friday, January 30, 2009

Random friday

Last week S and I went out to dinner with my high school boyfriend and his wife. I have to say it was a pretty surreal experience. This was the guy that if you had asked me 6 months before I met S I would have told you that I was going to marry him. I was eighteen. It is amazing how time changes things. I sat there talking to him and his wife and realized that it never would have worked. There was too much drama involved in our relationship. I needed someone who would balance me out. I remember when he dumped me (for another girl) that he said that I would be engaged within 6 months. I was so mad! In fact it was less than that. I am glad for all the things that I learned when I dated him. He helped me to learn that I was worthwhile, not because I have a body but, because I have a mind. I really learned who I was and because of that I am the person  I am today. I can speak about self worth and what it really means to believe in yourself. I have to say Thanks to him for teaching me that and then letting me go so that I could be with the person I was really meant to be with! 

Bug had her science fair this week. I have to say thanks to all those in the area who helped her with her project. She did a study on weather and whether it affects people's moods. This was a really fun little project for her and we had a lot of help. We handed out more than 30 journals to people at her school, in the neighborhood and in the general area. Everyone was really helpful and their contributions made a big difference in the results. THANKS EVERYONE! If any of you get a chance make sure you ask her about her project, just so you can giggle when she starts talking about her "hypopesis". 
I am having a dilemma. S and his nephew are having a lot of fun lately connecting the Wii's and playing Mario Kart online. So here we are the four of us (his wife plays too) sitting there playing. I ALWAYS LOOSE!!!! I am so tired of it! I just gave up the other night and just spent the last few minutes seeing how many time I could drive off of a cliff. Is this just me being a poor sport? I just have to say that no one wants to play anything if they are ALWAYS  the looser! I haven't played the game itself in several days because I am just so tired of looking at the stupid thing. So tell me am I just being a jerk or what?
Starting today I am going to do everything within my power to be more healthy. I got up a half an hour early this morning to exercise. I am announcing this on here because I want witnesses to what I am doing. So if anyone has any advice that would make things easier please let me know, I could certainly use the encouragement!

1. 88 lines about 44 women- The Nails
2. Glamour Boys- Living Colour
3. Higher- Creed
4. The Bottom Line- Big Audio Dynamite
5. Gloria- Laura Branigan
6. Ice Cream- New Young Pony Club
7. Love Song- The Cure
8. Was it Something I Said- OMD
9. I Ran- A Flock of Seagulls
10. Sister Christian- Night Ranger

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