Friday, February 26, 2010

Actual Conversation

As I was performing my "doodie" duty today during recess, I was approached by a boy. He was covered in mud that had dried all over his clothes and hands.
Me: Wow you are covered in mud
Student: (Looking indignant) Yeah my friend smacked his muddy hands on me!
Me: Nice
Student (Looking around for the friend he is tattling on) Yeah, so I smacked my hands on him.
(He then proceeds to point out the offending friend.)
Me: So you got each other.
Student: Yeah...
Me: So you are telling on him to get him in trouble?
Student: Yeah...
Me: Even though you got mud on him too?
Student: No we didn't get mud on each other (looking all innocent). We're friends why would we get mud all over each other. (Sly smile)
Me: Yeah that's what I thought.
(I was actually pretty impressed that he caught on to my little hint so fast!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Question of the day?

What do you think of these? Why?

Friday, February 19, 2010


I just watched this movie.

It seriously made me want to go dig out my roller blades and start practicing. I seriously want to go and see a match now too! I think this would be and awesome girls night thing. I really was apprehensive about watching this one, but I had heard it was really good. I have to agree. I am absolutely going to have to add this one to my movie collection.
I had my first real emergency happen on the play ground today. A boy had a seizure. I didn't even know that anything was wrong with him until a girl pointed to him and said she thought he was having one. Thank heaven that little girl knew what she was talking about, because I probably got there just in time to stop him from falling over and hitting his head. He must have known it was coming on because before I even saw him he was sitting down against the building. It scared me to death! I didn't have my walkie talkie volume up high enough so when I called for help everyone could hear me, but I couldn't hear if anyone was coming to help. There was a couple of minutes of panic, and then someone showed up to help. I admit I probably didn't handle it with as much mental fortitude as I could have, but now that I know what to do hopefully things will go a little more smoothly the next time there is an emergency.
I would like to plan a blogger get together at my house in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested please comment, and I will try to work around everyones schedules. I am leaning toward doing this on a Friday or Saturday night, probably after dinner time so we all have a chance to feed our families. This wouldn't exactly be a dinner thing it would be more like bring whatever you have around to munch on. I would like to get as many of you out there in blog land as possible, so that I can actually meet some of you in person, but it doesn't have to be only the people I know. If you have friends that you think might be interested, please include them in the invite too.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Please include my friend Jo in your prayers she could really use them right now!

Here are the tunes,
sorry no commentary today.
1. Dear Prudence- Souxie and the Banshees
2.Pretty in Pink- Psychedelic Furs
3. Jane Says- Jane's Addiction
4. Desperately Wanting- Better than Ezra
5. Our Lips are Sealed- The Go-Go's
6. Cruel Summer- Bananarama
7. Stay- Oingo Boingo
8. Elevator Love Letter- Stars
9. If I had $1,000,000- Barenaked Ladies
10. Golden Years- David Bowie

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Pasta maker (In which I reverse my decision to give this item a good review!)

Remember this post?

This dumb thing is falling apart!
It sticks so bad I had to take it apart the other day to see if there was something clogging it up. Then when I couldn't find anything and I still had half of my pasta dough left to flatten, I had to have Emanhaud hold the stupid thing down for me so I could finish because it won't stay attached to the counter because of the heavy amount of force needed to turn the stupid crank!!!!!
So that was the sound I made when I was trying to use it this week.
So do not buy one of these!
I am thinking of biting the bullet and buying the attachment for pasta that goes with my new mixer. Maybe then I won't have this problem.
I'll let you know if I do, and you can guarantee there WILL be a review for that one too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Question of the day?

Do you watch Oprah? If so why? If not, why not?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Determination Perseverance Basketball

I think I have mentioned that I have a new job as a play ground duty at my kids school. Sometimes there are moments that just stick out for me, today I had one of them. Let me first say that the line between boys and girls and their various activities has become blurred since I was in grade school, and its about time! There are more 6th grade girls playing basket ball then I could ever have thought and all I can say to that is
"Good for them!"
I was watching a group of 2nd and 3rd grade boys playing basket ball today. (OK so it wasn't really a "basket ball game" they were playing the game where there are two people aiming for the hoop and when one of them gets it in the other is out... can't remember what you call it.) As I was watching a little (and I do mean little, this third grader is at least a foot shorter than anyone in her grade) girl went to join them. They readily accepted her into their game, and she tried her very hardest to play like all of the boys. She had absolutely no chance of getting that ball in the hoop accept by chance.
Did that mean she gave up?
That little thing tried her very hardest, throwing that ball granny style every single time. Usually from directly under the hoop. I watched for a couple of minutes and found myself amused, impressed and yes entertained. "That's the spirit" I thought to myself, and then something else caught my attention and I had to turn away from the game. I returned to my rounds about ten minutes later, and found her playing at another hoop with another group of boys. Aiming, and throwing in the same way, she again had very little chance of making a basket. There was a difference this time though. The last time she had been readily accepted into the group, and was encouraged with kind words. This time they were actually chanting her name when her time came. It brought tears to my eyes. What an incredible spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship, this little group had, to actually cheer her name and encourage this tiny little thing in her endeavor to win.
I think every day I have seen this kind of kindness shown by the children at this school.
THAT is what is making me love my job.
THAT is why I keep doing it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Apologies Are Not Enough

I found this post off of my friend Fiauna's blog and asked if I could copy it over. This was her response...

I'm glad you liked my post. Yes, you can definitely link to it on yours. I want the word to get around. We really need to change how we speak--especially those in power, you know what I mean?

So here is what she posted...

To Rahm Emanuel, Rush Limbaugh, and all others who choose to use that word in that way:

Your apologies are not enough. It saddens anddisappoints me that people in your positions and with your level of education have not elevated your sensitivity or vocabulary above that of the fifth grade. I challenge you to learn.

I will accept your apology when you have sat across the desk of a neurologist, therapist, pediatrician or educator and been told that your child is developmentally delayed, cognitively impaired, or mentally retarded.

I will accept your apology when you have changed an adult diaper, spoon fed a fifteen-year-old, or spent $40,000 of your own money on this therapy or that teaching technique just to hear your child say his or her own name.

I will accept your apology when you've seen the look on the faces of your children, the sudden wetness in their eyes, the blush on their cheeks, when they hear someone using that word, knowing that it refers (even if unintentionally) to their sister whom they love and adore.

I will accept your apology when you've spent sleepless nights cataloging every moment of your life trying to find out where you went so wrong to have irreparably damaged your own child and praying for the strength to move on.

I will accept your apology when you've looked into the eyes of the purest of souls and caught a glimpse of yourself, however small or fleeting, and realized that they are not here to learn but instead are here to teach.

I will accept your apology when you come to my home and meet my exceptionally beautiful daughter who may never go to college or have a child of her own, but who will undoubtedly capture your heart. And I guarantee you that you will never use that word in that way again.

Fiauna Lund

Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Friday with Tunes

I have had the hardest time lately coming up with stuff to blog about when I am sitting down to blog. When I am up and walking around with no writing utensil I am perfectly capable of thinking of things to talk about, but as mentioned I have nothing to write them down with.
Why is this?
Maybe I am intimidated by the computer?
Maybe I am intimidated by the people who will be reading this...
HA who am I kidding no one reads this!
Maybe I just am not creative enough to make my life sound interesting.
Someone posted a not so great picture of me and an ex-boyfriend on FB. I look so young in it, well... I was young I was only 18! The problem is that it looks like and engagement picture. I am not sure that it is appropriate for a married woman to have a picture posted of her with someone that is not her husband.
What is the protocol for this.. anyone know?
I have decided I really like my new job. I am a recess duty at my kids school. Everyone looks at me like I am insane when I say this. Why? I get to be paid to play outside. This isn't like being a a substitute, I don't have to keep them in line, or teach them anything. I just have to make sure they don't harm each other or themselves. There are relatively few rules.
Don't throw snow.
Don't touch each other.
Don't leave the playground.
Don't say bad words. Etc.
Pretty easy, right? So why is everyone surprised that I am liking this job. I guess it because I have expressed more than once that I don't really like kids that I don't know very well. The thing is that the more time I spend out there with them the more I know them so, problem solved!
I am going to a concert in April...

I first started watching that show the season he was on it. I have been a huge fan of his ever since.
As far as I am concerned he is the only one that has ever deserved the fame that comes from being on that show.
I hope I don't drool!

I have been asking a lot of questions on here. I don't ever post my own answers to my questions of the day. Does anyone think I should... That can be my question of the day.
Here are the tunes... from my favorites list this week.
(With commentary, just because it has been so long since I have)

1. This is Where I Came In- Bee Gees
(For some reason I will always love these guys, I think they remind me of my childhood,
although I am not sure that my parents ever listened to them.)

2. Like a Prayer- Madonna
(I love her earlier music, but the new stuff, not so much!)

3. You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon Jovi
(Have you ever seen a singer with a sexier smile?)

4. Had a Dream- Bird York

5. Love Me Dead- LUDO
(This must be listened to at top volume!)

6. I Dare You to Move- Switchfoot
(Probably the only song by them that is any good)

7. Eyes On Fire- Blue Foundation
(One of the best soundtracks ever)

8. I Will Dare- The Replacements
(I have to dance when I hear this!)

9. Dare- Gorillaz
(Can anyone resist dancing to this one?)

10. Masquerade- Berlin
(See they did have other good songs.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Cuisinart Mixer

I asked for something for Christmas this year that I never thought I would ever ask for in a million years. I have never had a use for one of these, but I found myself wishing for one more than a few time over the last year.
I unwrapped all of my gifts on Christmas morning, and it wasn't present (pun, snort!). So I looked at Emanhaud, and said... "Where is my mixer?"
"What mixer" was his reply.
"Listen I know that your mom went in on a gift for me and the most expensive thing I have opened so far is this electric skillet that cost all of about $5o. I know how much your mom spends on each of us... so Where Is My Mixer?"
"OK, you will just have to look around for it!"

Long story short, I found it sitting under the kids Christmas tree in the dining room.
We had looked at several different models and name brands including the Kitchen Aid, but we went for the Cuisinart. It had the better motor, and options for the money.
It took me about a week to actually use it.
Not from lack of interest, just because I was burned out with cooking for Christmas.
I have to say it was a very good choice. Once I did actually break the thing out and learn how to use it I was instantly impressed. It has some really cool features. Like a timer, and a speed dial with 12 settings. Not to mention that it amps up on any speed over 1, so that you don't have flour spray all over your kitchen.
I never saw the need for an item like this before, because to tell the truth I really don't like baking, but I have found it to be one of those things that is essential for any good cook. I have only had it for a little over a month and I don't think I could live without it again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mindless Eating

Do you mindlessly eat?
I do!
I will admit it, I eat without thinking about what I am putting into my mouth. Sometimes I do it out of boredom. Sometimes I do it as therapy, and sometimes I just do it because. I find myself looking for something to eat when I am not even hungry. Like when I have just finished a meal. Is this necessary? The answer to that would be a resounding NO! I need to break this habit. I would say that it is the number one reason why I cannot seem to loose weight, well that and the pesky no exercising problem. I need to get over the idea that I have to always have something in my mouth (insert snicker here). I have tried gum, but I have a problem with my jaw and it gives me a headache after a while. I have tried hard candies, but that never lasts long. I just need to get over this problem I have with eating.
Anybody have any advice?
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