Thursday, March 26, 2009



****20 YEARS AGO (1989)*****
1) How old were you? 15
2) Who were you dating? Andy Williamson
3) Where did you work? FHP printing (under the table of course)
4) Where did you live? Bennion Utah
5) Where did you hang out? Home, friends houses
6) Did you wear contacts or glasses? I got glasses that year, and they broke pretty soon so I was the girl wearing the safety pin in the glasses.
7) Who were your best friends? Liz, Cathy, Vennessa, Cindy
8) How many tattoos did you have? None
9) How many piercings did you have? Just the one set in my ears
10) What kind of car did you drive? Didn't start driving until I was 18 but I did take drivers ed that year
11) Had you been to a real party? nope
12) Had your heart broken? no but I broke someone else's that year
13) Were you single/taken/married/divorced? single
14) Any kids? Duh!

****15 YEARS AGO (1994)****
1) How old were you? 20
2) Who were you dating? Married to S
3) Where did you work? LDS Church and J. Riggins
4) Where did you live? Down Town Salt Lake
5) Where did you hang out? Mostly with my hubby, we had only been married for about 6 months, and with the Curtises.
6) Did you wear contacts and/or glasses? contacts
7) Who were your closest friends? S, Melanie, Liz, Vennessa
8) How many tattoos did you have? None
9) How many piercings did you have? two in each ear
10) What kind of car did you drive? Jeep Cherokee (piece of... well you know)
11) Had you been to a real party? Yes
12) Had you had your heart broken? Yes
13) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Married
14) Any Kids? Not yet.

***10 YEARS AGO (1999)***
1) How old were you? 25
2) Who were you dating? S, married for 7 years
3) Where did you work? Didn't work outside of the house, worked very hard inside of it though.
4) Where did you live? Layton, UT
5) Where did you hang out? Didn't hang out much those days.
7) Who were your best friends? S, Mom, Cassie, and anyone who would help me with my kids.
8) How many tattoos did you have? none
9) How many piercings did you have? same as before
10) What kind of car did you drive?94 Suzuki Swift
11) Had your heart broken? not for a while now
12) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Married
13 Any Kids? 6 month old twin girls

***5 YEARS AGO (2004)***
1) How old were you? 30 (ugh!)
2) Who were you dating? Married, still
3) Where did you work? The Children's Place
4) Where did you live? Layton, UT
5) Where did you hang out? Home, work, Cassies house
7) Who were your best friends? S, Cassie, Vennessa, Mom, The Shepherds, The Woodburys.
8) How many tattoos did you have? None
9) How many piercings did you have? Still two in each ear.
10) What kind of car did you drive? Mini van
11) Had your heart broken? No
12) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Married
13 Any Kids? 5 year old twins

****TODAY (2009)****
1) Age? 35 (or will be soon)
2) Where do you work? The Children's Place... again!
3) Where do you live? Layton UT
5) Who are your closest friends? S, Cassie, Vennessa, Becki, Lora
6) Do you talk to your old friends? More now thanks to Facebook
7) How many piercings do you have? still just the same, my second set have never grown in
8) How many tattoos? None.
9) What kind of car do you have? Mini van and a Jeep
10) Had your heart broken? No
11) How many kids? 11 year old twin girls
12) Are you Single/Taken/Married/Divorce? Married
13) Contact or Glasses? Neither- got Lasik

I tag anyone who wants to do this.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I got a phone call today from my boss asking if I could come in and work this morning. I have hardly worked lately at all so I said yes. Partly because I have been so bored and partly because I like the spending money. We are in the middle of a sale so some things have been moved around and of course that means that the floor is now a bit of a mess. You can always tell when it is Easter and Christmas at the mall by looking at what is on the floor. At Christmas time there are candy canes smashed all over the floor, and at Easter there are jelly beans. Someone must have let their kids have a whole bag of jelly beans and skittles because they were all over the place.
I have this issue with what parents give their kids to keep them happy and quiet. Why would you give something to your little kid that they are just going to spill all over the place? What is wrong with just handing them one at a time? Why give them so many that they can't control them and then they are everywhere?

Or hey here is an idea... just tell them no!


As a retail worker I don't want to have to clean up your little kids messes. That is not in my job description. I do not want to have to sweep every few hours so that people don't smash these little pieces of evil into the floor. I don't want my shoes to stick to the floor because they have been not only smashed but ground into the floor. I especially do not want to have to pick up your kids gum that they decided to spit out onto the floor. I had to scrape at least 5 wads of gum off of the floor today! Talk about gross! No one wants to touch someones pre-chewed gum!!!!
I just don't understand the concept of giving gum to kids that don't know how to be responsible with it anyway. Do people do this because they think it is cute?
"Oh wow look at what my little kid has learned to do!"
"Oh No honey we keep the gum in our mouth, we don't spit it on to the floor!"
"Oh well it's there now I guess it's the stores responsibility to clean up after my little hell child!"
I know there are people out there that think this way, because if there weren't I wouldn't have had to clean up the wads of gum, smashed candy canes, and mushed up jelly beans that littered the floor of my work!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun giveaway

Hop on over to Mormon Mommy Blogs and check out their give away this month. They have some awesome stuff!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Tunes

So I sit down to blog and can't think of anything to talk about so I am just doing tunes today. They aren't very random either, I just thought I would list some of the new music I have discovered lately, some on my own, and some thanks to our nephew Landon.

Sometime Around Midnight- The Airborne Toxic Event
Parantheses- The Blow (Love the lyrics to this one)
Bruises- Chairlift (Ditto!)
Lights Go Out- Client
Never Win- Fischerspooner
Geraldine- Glasvegas
Wicked Game- HIM
Let it Rock- Kevin Rudolf
Time to Pretend- MGMT
Can't Lose- We Are Scientists
Ce Jeu- Yelle

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lou the Destroyer!

I have a wonderful little autistic child that we are going to start referring to as "The Destroyer". Lou has become very bored with her life lately, and as a consequence she has started exploring the house in search of something else to entertain her. In the space of one hour last Friday she was put into time out 5 times. The child destroys everything she touches. I was attempting to do laundry because it needed doing so badly. The laundry room is upstairs as are all of the bedrooms where all of the clean laundry is kept. So that is where I was hanging out. Lou on the other hand was downstairs spending time with her favorite member of our family... the TV, at least that was what she was suppose to be doing. I turned it on for her, and went upstairs to do said laundry. I came down about 20 minutes later and she was in the family room making a noise that was very familiar. (First let me explain that Lou cannot have books with regular pages because she rips them to shreds.) She had a book, more importantly she had one of my books. I removed the book and then took a minute to look around and noticed that she also had something in her hand that was making a slight crinkling sound. This is when I noticed something on the end table that didn't belong. I had been to the grocery store that day and had bought a package of cupcake papers. Lou had discovered these sitting on the kitchen counter and had promptly ripped into them and assumed that they were a great new toy for her. Here is what she did with them.

I of course did the only thing a good parent could do... I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. I don't thing these do the situation justice however because they just don't show the scope of what was done. Many of these innocent little papers had been gnawed on first before being strategically placed where they were. Some had been mangled beyond recognition. There were 50 of them spread all over the room, I know this number because that was how many were in the package, and there wasn't a single one left in the package. I let her keep the ones that she had bit and mangled beyond usefulness, and she had a great time with them for the rest of the day. There were pieces spread all over the house, but hey, that is what the vacuum is for... right.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Randomness and tunes

I have a friend who is getting remarried in a couple of weeks. She has chosen to do the big white wedding thing because she feels that she never really got that the first time around. I have to say I am a little jealous. I got married when I was 19 and I had a pretty big wedding and it was really nice and I loved it, but there are some things I would definitely change. I would have dancing, I love weddings with dancing, we don't do them much in Mormon weddings but I think we should. I would no have a reception line, I didn't want one in the first place but my mother insisted so I gave in, as a consequence I didn't enjoy my reception very much because all I got to do was stand in one place all night. I would splurge and go somewhere really nice for my honeymoon. Now S don't get bent all out of shape, we had a really nice honeymoon but we just went to Park City, we were less than an hour from home. I would go somewhere with a beach and lots of sun! It really is a shame that I was too young to really fight for what I wanted.
I went grocery shopping today. Food is so expensive! Enough said.
S and I are taking a parenting class that is being put on by our stake. We feel that there is some room for improvement in regards to our parenting skills. We have learned some really useful skills for dealing with problems when they arise within our home. I think it is the type of class that every parent would benefit from, however there are only about 6 couples from our stake that actually come. I think this is sad. Maybe it is just that getting sitters is inconvenient. Maybe it is that they feel that there is no room for improvement. Maybe it is that they feel that there is too much room for improvement and it is too late. Whatever the case I think a lot of people have missed out on a really good learning experience.
I have a few blogs that I follow that really crack me up! If you need a laugh make sure to check out Crazyland and Seriously So Blessed there are links on the side of my blog... you know right over there. Check them out it is worth it!
I don't like conflict! It tears me up inside. I hate it when I don't know what to do about a situation! I don't like being mad at people but I don't like being walked all over either. AARRRGGGHHHHH, FRUSTRATING RISING!!!!!!! Ok glad I got that out, nuff said!
Tunes for the week:
1. My Own Prison- Creed
2. Walk Away- Kelly Clarkson
3. Song 2- Blur
4. It's Not Over- Daughtry
5. Tangerine Speedo- Caviar
6. Hold Me Now- Thompson Twins (probably one of my all time favorite 80's songs)
7. Baby Pain- Intaferon
8. Sowing the Seeds of Love- Tears for Fears (I will ALWAYS be a fan!)
9. Fit But You Know It- The Streets
10. Running up That Hill- Kate Bush

Bonus: Love Etc.- Pet Shop Boys

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tag... Your IT!!!

STEP 1: Respond and rework. Answer the following questions on my blog, replacing one question that I dislike with a question of my own invention.

STEP 2: Add one more question of my own.

STEP 3: Tag eight other bloggers.

1) What is your favorite day of the week?
I do believe I am the only person on the planet that likes Mondays. I finally have the house all to myself. I am a little selfish about my time and our weekends are sometimes so hectic that it is nice to have everyone go back to work and school so I can have a minute to breath.

2) What is your biggest fear?
It used to be being alone, but I have learned to be by myself and enjoy it. I guess the answer is one of my kids going missing.

3) What was your worst subject in school?

4) Who did you hug last?
Lou, she needs her morning hug time to help her be properly centered.

5) What websites do you visit when you go online?
Facebook, IMDB, google mail, and my credit union website.

6) What was the last item that you bought?
New shoes, it was AWESOME!!!

7) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Ireland, England, Scotland.

8) What is your favorite book?
Jane Eyre, best book ever!

9) What was the longest car ride you ever took?
S and I drove to New York when we moved there. It took three and a half days and I then one year later we drove back.

10) What was the last movie you watched?
I finally broke down and watched Mama Mia. I liked the music but the movie was really corny!

11) If you had a whole day to yourself with no work, commitments, or interruptions, what would you do?
I have this every day!

12) If you were to win the Powerball, what would you do with the money (besides invest it)?
Pay off my house and probably buy a new car. Then put it away so we can afford to take care of Lou when she is older.

13)If you could pick the single most pivotal moment in your life, what would it be, and why?
The day I decided to marry S.

14) Who is the person that has had the most influence in your life?
Definitely my husband, he has taught me so much, and has always had a very open mind about what I had to teach him.

15) If you had a choice of places to live, where would it be?
I would be living right in the middle of New York City!

16)What's a item on your property you can't live without?
Probably my car.

17) If you were stranded on a deserted island, and got one luxury item to take with you, and one person to take with you, what and who would it be? Is running water considered a luxury item on a deserted Island? Well then running water (of course that includes indoor plumbing), and my adoring husband.

18) What one thing would you change about your life?
I would have finished school and got my degree before I started having kids. I very badly want to go back to school and it just isn't happening.

OK, I now tag:

1. Jill
2. S
3. Jennifer
4. Rf Bahn
5. Andrea
(Sorry Sher I only have 9 followers and only 5 of them actually have their own blog!)

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, March 6, 2009

Random stuff and some tunes.

I am thinking about doing a give away to celebrate my 100th post, it is coming up soon. I have to say that I do make some really cool jewelry that I think would be good for a drawing. The problem is that I am not sure that there are even enough people that read this to worry about it. I know I have almost doubled my followers lately but I don't think that eight people is really enough to justify a give away. Maybe if there were even more than a few people who even commented regularly... huh... maybe not!


Am I a bad mom because I can't stand the sound of my kids favorite music? Does it make me a mean mom because I refuse to play my kids stuff in the car? My kids have grown up with the sounds of Depeche Mode, Pearl Jam, Spoon, The White Stripes, Death Cab for Cutie, etc. Bug can sing just about every Maroon 5 song out there by heart. I know it isn't the best kids music and I am pretty bad influence when it comes to music, but does that make me a mean mom?


We are in the process of getting bids to for our fence. I can't tell you how excited I am by this. I just realized that that statement makes me officially an adult, not only that but a boring adult. Really, who gets excited about putting up a fence... I ask you?


I have decided that I want to travel more. I did get tired of eating out for every meal this last weekend but on the whole that was my only complaint. I love to travel, I even like road trips. I miss the days before kids when S and I spent a large part of our weekends in the car just driving somewhere. We always had our best conversations in the car, a lot of the time we still do, they are just punctuated by comments from our kids too now.


Bug has her friend Taylor over to play right now. I am seriously fighting the urge to go up to her room and tell her that she isn't allowed to have boys in her room! They are ten. Wow I really am getting old. It wont be long before I really am using that statement.... Now I am depressed.


1. Everybody Hurts - R. E. M.
2. Its a Sin- Pet Shop Boys
3. Hey-Ho Away We Go- Freur
4. Russian Radio- Red Flag
5. I Hear the Bells- Mike Doughty
6. Heavy- Colective Soul
7. Electric Feel- MGMT
8. Not My Slave- Oingo Boingo
9. So In Love- OMD
10. Roam- B-52's
Bonus: Wrong- Depeche Mode (from their new album)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Talking to strangers

I was wondering when it became acceptable to talk to strangers. I remember when I was a kid that my parents would say not to do this, but they would always strike up a conversation with who ever happened to be sitting next to them. I always was embarrassed by this as a kid but, now I do the same thing. I tell Bug not to talk to strangers but I will sit and talk to the cashier at Target forever. Is this what is the determining factor between childhood and adulthood? When are you old enough to talk to strangers? Is it when you know not to follow them to find their lost puppy? Is it when you know not to take candy from them? My sister and I had conversations with strangers all weekend. We even made new facebook friends on the trolley on our way to the zoo. One guy started talking to us in what I swear was an attempt to pick up on my sister. I thoroughly enjoy talking to strangers. One thing I have learned is that everyone has a story. If you talk to anyone long enough you will learn the most interesting things. A few years ago I was sitting in the chapel of the Ogden Temple and an older man started talking to me. I sat an listened for a few minutes and all of the sudden he pulled out a picture of his departed wife. You could see that he missed her considerably and that he really needed to talk to someone about her. I just let him talk and kept thinking that if it was me that needed to talk I would hope that the person I was talking to cared enough just to listen. I have decided that most of the time when someone strikes up a conversation with you it is because they have something on their mind. Usually they don't want advice they just want to get it out, good or bad. We have a tendency to talk to people like our story is the most important thing in the world and we don't take the time to hear others stories. I think I am going to try harder to be a better listener and keep this in mind when I am talking to strangers.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What an Awesome Weekend!

So my sister Nessa and I went to San Diego this weekend together. No kids, no men, just the two of us. I have always had a pretty good relationship with her and I think this weekend helped make it even stronger. I wanted to say thanks to her for taking me away and for always being a great big sister! Here are some pictures from our trip.

This looks like I am standing in front of a green screen, but that boat is actually there I just wasn't actually touching it!

We ate out a lot, I have to say I got pretty tired of it after a few days.

The weather was beautiful, but we never actually got to put on our bathing suits. We did visit a beach though.

We thought that this sign was hilarious. The print is pretty small so I will tell you it says "Best tail in town!"

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