Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I got a phone call today from my boss asking if I could come in and work this morning. I have hardly worked lately at all so I said yes. Partly because I have been so bored and partly because I like the spending money. We are in the middle of a sale so some things have been moved around and of course that means that the floor is now a bit of a mess. You can always tell when it is Easter and Christmas at the mall by looking at what is on the floor. At Christmas time there are candy canes smashed all over the floor, and at Easter there are jelly beans. Someone must have let their kids have a whole bag of jelly beans and skittles because they were all over the place.
I have this issue with what parents give their kids to keep them happy and quiet. Why would you give something to your little kid that they are just going to spill all over the place? What is wrong with just handing them one at a time? Why give them so many that they can't control them and then they are everywhere?

Or hey here is an idea... just tell them no!


As a retail worker I don't want to have to clean up your little kids messes. That is not in my job description. I do not want to have to sweep every few hours so that people don't smash these little pieces of evil into the floor. I don't want my shoes to stick to the floor because they have been not only smashed but ground into the floor. I especially do not want to have to pick up your kids gum that they decided to spit out onto the floor. I had to scrape at least 5 wads of gum off of the floor today! Talk about gross! No one wants to touch someones pre-chewed gum!!!!
I just don't understand the concept of giving gum to kids that don't know how to be responsible with it anyway. Do people do this because they think it is cute?
"Oh wow look at what my little kid has learned to do!"
"Oh No honey we keep the gum in our mouth, we don't spit it on to the floor!"
"Oh well it's there now I guess it's the stores responsibility to clean up after my little hell child!"
I know there are people out there that think this way, because if there weren't I wouldn't have had to clean up the wads of gum, smashed candy canes, and mushed up jelly beans that littered the floor of my work!


Sher said...

don't most stores have a sign that says no food or drink allowed?
I always thought that was strictly enforced.
And for the record, I learned years ago, NOT to go to the mall with my children.
I'd rather not deal with the hassel of chasing them/trying to entertain them.
Sorry, you had to clean up after other people's kids. That's the worst!

Sarah said...

Actually most of the mall stores do not have those signs, and I think they should!!! However I doubt that would include gum.

Leah said...

Any my students think I'm a witch about gum in the lab. Sent a kid to dentention today because he was chewing gum then lied to be about it. I'm sorry...is your tongue normally bright neon green? I'm not psychic, just observant!

Sarah said...

Leah, Unfortunately I am not allowed to do that to customers! Sucks huh!

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