Wednesday, January 21, 2009

365 pictures

S has decided he wants to do a picture a day project for a year, however instead of doing self portraits like everyone else he has decided to do pictures of me. I am just enough of a narcissist to go along with this project idea. I don't really like looking at these because instead of seeing the good things I just see the flaws. He says that he isn't going to let me look at them any more if I don't stop it. For years I was always the one behind the camera, not because I was the best at taking the pictures, but because then I didn't have to be in front of it. I realized eventually that I wasn't in any pictures at all and reluctantly relinquished that duty. For a long time I was the one in the picture that was not looking at the camera or had my hand up in front of my face. I realized this was also not very good because I just came off looking stupid. I have finally given myself up to the camera and do my best to look normal instead. I think it has worked to my advantage, mostly because now I don't get harassed about how I look in pictures any more. Anyway here is the link for anyone interested.

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Emanhaud said...

Well, that went well. I made it almost an entire week. Maybe I will start over and try it again when I am NOT sick!

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