Friday, January 16, 2009

TV time

I love this time of year. All my shows come back on. I am a total TV nerd. I love watching TV and I could probably tell you what show is on every night of the week. I have a particular weakness for Sci fi and spy shows and I guess cop shows too. So this week is a great week for me. Battlestar Gallactica and Burn Notice are both coming back on, as well as a long list of others. So here is what I am watching this week. 

The Big Bang Theory (If you aren't watching this you need to start)
American Idol (cheesy I know but I love it)
Lost (woo hoo!!!)
Law and Order
The Office
Eleventh Hour
Burn Notice

I know that sound like a lot of TV but just realize that I start watching at 8 at night after my kids are in bed and am getting plenty of exercise too, SO THERE!


2 little heroes said...

Hey, its Becca. You're hilarious! But I've gotta say.. you're really missing out if you're not watching Chuck!! It's the funniest cop/spy show ever made! I watch the first season on DVD every 2 weeks when I'm up late and it is still just as funny as it was the first time! Thanks again for your husband's books!

Sarah said...

I do watch Chuck. It must not be new this week because I got my list from my DVR schedule.

Sarah said...

I didnt include CSI either. (Las Vegas only)

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