Friday, January 23, 2009

Random ten friday

So my friend Sher said I should do random ten Friday with her so here goes. (I am not exactly sure what the ten is for though?)
Why is it in the amazingly technological world we live in that they can put space probes on Mars, we can send messages around the globe at light speed but there is no such thing as a decent speaker phone? I mean why hasn't anyone fixed this little bit of technology? It is the same problem over and over. You say something and whoever you are talking to says something and inevitable you end up talking over each other and neither of you hears what the other is saying. We have cell phones that will reach almost anywhere in the world today but if you use the speaker phone on it you are screwed! 
I have found the taste of evil. I went to the doctor yesterday (for the third time in the last three weeks) and he put me on prednisone  this is the most evil and foul tasting drug on the market. I hate being on it. It makes everything I eat taste just like it too. S has figured out how to take it so you don't taste it. You fill your mouth with some kind of liquid, you put the pill on a spoon (making sure not to touch it) you drop it from the spoon into the liquid in your mouth and then swallow very quickly. I tried it and it worked. Lou was on this for about three months this summer and it was awful it made her all puffy and swollen I was really glad that my camera was broken so we didn't have any pictures of her like that. The thing is that even with it being that foul I am feeling 100% better this morning. Coughing still but able to breath a lot easier. 
I seriously need to get away! I was just thinking that it has literally be years since I went anywhere without husband and kids. I really do love going places with my family our vacations the last couple of years have been really great, but I haven't been anywhere with anyone else. Unless you count a couple of girls nights here and there. I would love to just go and lay on a beach somewhere and relax. Especially since my health has been so bad lately, I think I could really use the time off and the sun. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! I know quit dreaming!
My frustration with working retail is growing rapidly! People are just so frustrating, they are making me nuts. (OK more than usual.) I need a job where I can get to work at 9 am and leave at three and where if my kids are having a problem or are sick they don't mind if I leave. Anyone know of a job like this. Yea I know... in my dreams... again.
OK so I just got what the ten thing is...

1. Small town Boy- Bronski Beat
2. Violet Hill- Coldplay
3. Oscar Wild- Company of Thieves
4. Underneath- Alanis Morissette
5. Hit Me Baby One More Time- Britney Spears (it is the one and only one of hers I have and I will never admit to liking it in public)
6. Tempted- Squeeze
7. What I am- Edie Brickell
8. Sorry- Daughtry
9. A View to a Kill- Duran Duran
10. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart- Bee Gees


Sher said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you're playing along! That sucks that you've been so sick. I hope you get over it soon!!!
And I just can't believe you've never taken a girls' trip. Don't you and your sisters ever do anything?
Well, I'd be on board if you want to get away (but I might make you run a race with me becaue it seems that is a criteria for me getting away).

Sarah said...

I will willingly go and watch you race but I am afraid that between asthma and a bum knee I am out for racing myself. My sisters and I have never been on a trip together. I dont think my younger one would want to do that with me. I would make her nuts.

Jill said...

Random 10? Can I play? I know that I don't know any of your other friends, but I think it would be fun. Just email me with a subject and I'm in.

If you want to get away with the girls, give me a call!!! As much as I love my husband and kids, I need to get away from them for a few days!!! I would even be okay with a weekend away with just Greg. The last time we spent the day together I spent the day throwing-up and he read and took a nap. Bummer!

Sarah said...

Aparently my one sister read this and called S and arranged to take me away some time soon. HAHAHA my evil plot worked! (jk)
Jill, I dont think there is a subject, I think it is just random stuff and then a random ten songs. I will have to ask Sher.

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