Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random stuff

I have a sick kid again. She kept us up all night coughing. Is it bad that by the time we woke up for the millionth time I was a little upset. I know this makes me look really selfish, but sometimes it is really hard to maintain ones patience at 2 am. She is home from school today and that means that I have had to miss the lunch that I had planned. I even traded my shift that I was scheduled to work today to go to this lunch. Some thing about this is ironic to me. I am missing my lunch with other moms of autistic kids because of my autistic kid... huh. 


I have decided that I need to create my own list of things that must go. The local radio station that I listen to does this and I really like it, so here goes.

1. Not having a fence. We have a dog and no fence and no dog door. This means that he must be tied to a lead every time he goes outside. I have a tendency to leave him on the lead inside too because he stays in the kitchen too. So I am constantly unwinding him from around the table legs and the trampoline. He has even learned how to go between the porch steps.  This must stop soon!

2. Junk food, it seems that no matter how much I get rid of there is still some around. I am very tempted lately by it, mostly because of boredom. It seems like the times that I over eat the most are when I am alone. It is like an alcoholic secretly drinking by themselves. I guess I just don't have enough to do. 

3. Working on Sunday. I work retail and it is one of those unavoidable things that occasionally you work on Sunday. I absolutely hate this, it is probably the one thing that I hate the very most. I have had to do it the last two weeks in a row. Come to think of it, I would be happy to work every week day if I could just get my weekends off. That sounds too much like a normal job though and I don't seem to be qualified for one of those. 

4. Illness, I think I have covered that enough in this blog. 

5. Three hours of homework every night, enough said. 

6. Why is it that the cough medicine that worked fine last week doesn't work today? 


So here is a question. Is it bad to ignore someone who keeps trying to be a friend on facebook. There are a couple of people that I know from the past that keep inviting me to be their friend and I keep ignoring the invitation. Part of the problem is that they are the type that always have to interfere in other peoples conversations. I wonder if anyone that I am currently friends with feels that way about me?


Do you ever get tired of being cheerful. Sometimes I just want to wallow. Sometimes I want to turn on the most depressing music I own and be left alone in a dark room Is that really too much to ask for. (Can you tell I didn't get my recommended amount of sleep last night?)

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Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

I can really feel for you. Keep your chin up, it'll all work out somehow. Sometimes we just don't have any idea now why we are going through these things for later.
Facebook: yes, you can ignore old friends if you want to, it's your facebook. That's my feeling, at least. *by the way, I'd love to be your friend if you'll have me. Just look me up. Jennifer Wilkins Billings.
Cough medicine: does it ever work in the night? =)

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