Saturday, January 24, 2009

TV time

So here is what I am watching this week. Boring I know but it was a long day and  I don't want to think about what to blog about right now. 
American Idol
Law and Order
Life on Mars
Burn Notice
Eleventh Hour
Battlestar Galactica
The Office 

Bonus: Rerun's of The West Wing (Loved this show!)

So if anyone wants to talk to me about any of these feel free. I love talking about what I watch.


Motherboard said...

I love the West Wing. I wanted to name my last baby Ainsely Hanes... and my husband & I had quite the nice argument about how it's weird to name your kid after a character on a TV show. (I still don't get why he was mad...) :>

Lost is my all time favorite show! Love it! I have wondered how that Life on Mars is and we faithfully tape Battlestar and The Office.

Great taste in shows! I think we are long lost friends!

Motherboard said...

whoops. Its Ainsely HAYES not hanes. I didn't want to name her after underwear.

This is why we PROOF READ! :>

Sarah said...

I so want to use the name Ainsely too! My husband doesnt like it either!

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