Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Music

I have decided to keep a log of my favorite new songs. Some are new, some I just haven't heard for a long time, so they are new to me again. Anyway this is what I am listening to this week.

Thats Not My Name- The Ting Tings
Lazy Eye- Silversun Pickups
Ricochet- Shiny Toy Guns
Whoo! Alright-Yeah... Uh Huh- The Rapture
Pure Morning-Placebo
Electric Feel- MGMT
Sex on Fire-Kings of Leon
Oscar Wilde- Company of Thieves
Black Metallic- Catherine Wheel
Around the Bend- The Astroid Galaxy Tour
Dakota- Stereophonics
My Imortal- Evanescence
My Hero- Foo Fighters
Someone to Love- Fountains of Wayne
Geraldine- Glasvegas
Out of Control- Oingo Boingo
Black- Pearl Jam
Broken- Seether and Amy Lee
I Turn My Camera On- Spoon
Take Out the Trash- They Might be Giants

Get used to this post, I am going to be doing this for a while. By the way this will be posted on Itunes as an Imix under the label Sarah's Life. 


Sarah said...

Apparently Itunes will only let me publish 13 of the twenty songs on my list.

Sher said...

You should play random 10 friday with me!

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