Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I don't get it.

I was talking to some friends last night and one of them mentioned that she was going to have a jeans party. This is where you go to someones house and try on designer jeans. I said I would come but probably not be able to afford any of them so I probably wouldn't be purchasing. She told me that they were designer jeans for really cheap, like some of them were only $60. I about fell on the floor! When did it become cheap to spend that much on a pair of jeans. I have no judgement against anyone who wants to spend that much on their own clothing but I just don't think I ever would. I really like to shop, I mean REALLY, but I am also a very frugal person. I wasn't raised with a lot of money, if we were lucky back to school shopping involved two outfits at about $50 to $100 per person, and that included shoes. I admit that I do spend a lot more on my kids than my mom ever did but, I am also very frugal with them. I bought almost their entire back to school wardrobe for next year the other day and it was less than $100, and I got three huge bags of stuff. (My job does help with that.)
I think a lot of my hang up is that I don't have problems buying jeans like some women do. I am not a large person and I have no rear end so I don't have problems finding a good fit. I can go into almost any store and find something that fits, and is cheap. Shopping for jeans just isn't something that I have a hard time with, bathing suits on the other hand... well that is just torture! 
Anyway, I went jeans shopping the other day and walked out of the store with two pairs of jeans for about $40. One of them only cost me$10.50 on sale. I don't look like a looser either! (At least I don't think I do.) These were stylish jeans that look good on me. I have even gotten genuine compliments on them since purchasing them. I just cant justify spending so much on clothing. I have a lot of clothes and shoes but I defy you to find anything in my closet that cost more than $30! I guess when you have been raised with not much it teaches you to be more frugal about what you do spend your money on. I say all this now but I will have to eat my words if I go this party and fall in love with a pair that cost $60 and just have to have them. I think S would absolutely kill me! 


Jill said...

I'm beginning to think that I'm going to have to spend a lot more than $60 on jeans to have them fit right. Because they would have to be custom made! I don't think that great fitting jeans actually exsist! They are an urban legend!

Sarah said...

Maybe you should come to the party with me!

Sher said...

Here's my take on designer jeans. I never used to spend more than $30 on jeans. Then I went to one of these parties. And I realized how much better made these jeans are, and how much better I look in them, than the cheap ones.
You're not just paying for the name. They simply ARE better jeans.
There's my blug.

Sher said...

I mean plug.

Taylor said...

I told Paul about it and he laughed and said that I would never spend that much on anything for me. Frankly I'm too cheap. I told him that if it made me look good I just might! We'll see. Now I'm curious about them, so she'd better have the dang party!

Emily K said...

I agree with you, Sarah. But I have noticed that now that I have a little girl I am getting in touch with my feminine side more. Or maybe it is because I have 3 boys? Anyway, I just bought a denim skirt for $40 online. I normally wouldn't spend so much on myself but I wanted good quality and a long sturdy skirt to wear on a weekly basis. I love it! Plus I couldn't make myself one for much less. Still my kids are outfitted mostly from garage sales and hand-me-downs. Good thing they have cousins to pass clothes around with!

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