Friday, February 13, 2009

Random ten friday

I keep wondering what the soundtrack to my life would sound like. Music is one of those things I just can't live without. I am not a huge fan of jazz, and country is just junk as far as I am concerned, classical is OK but I really need something I can sing along with. I am a rock girl at heart. I was raised in the rock and roll era and my parents were true rock fans too. I wonder if I was to choose my favorite song from each year of my life what would be included? I will have to look into that for a future blog. 
I hate Valentines Day! I really do! It is the most useless holiday, that and Mothers day. I don't see why people think that one day of romance is going to make anything better in their lives. If you aren't going to treat your loved one the same way every other day then what is the point. Why set aside one day to treat each other well, why not do it every day. I think it is just an excuse for florists and candy makers to make a buck. Does anyone actually know who St. Valentine was anyway? I also hate buying and making out all the stupid little valentines for my kids to hand out!
Bye the way the great photo provided for my first ever wordless Wednesday was provided by my talented husband! He has quite the gift for beautiful photography. Thanks S.
I hate cleaning, I can think of ten things that I would rather be doing and on that list is the dentist. I do clean, don't get me wrong, I just hate every minute of it. As a result my house is pretty cluttered. Buying a bigger house has helped a lot with this. Of course this also means that I have twice the house to clean. We are hosting our dinner group this next weekend and of course everyone will want to see the new house, so that means that EVERY room will need to be spotless. I am not looking forward to this! One good thing is that the hours at work seem to have dropped off so I wont have too worry about having the time to clean. There is a woman in our ward that does house cleaning and I am half tempted to see if I can pay her to come and help me. Is that terrible that I would rather pay someone else to clean when I know I can do it myself?
1. Alive and Kicking- Simple Minds
2. Strip- Adam Ant
3. I'm Too Sexy- Right Said Fred
4. Criminal- Fiona Apple
5. Halloween- Ministry
6. Posed to Death- The Faint
7. Wild Boys- Duran Duran
8. Misery Business- Paramore
9. Ment to Live- Switchfoot
10. Jane Says- Jane's Addiction

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