Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Random Junk

Must go List
1. People who keep parking in the handicap parking spaces at the girls school who don't have a tag or any reason to be there. 
2. Colbie Caillat- This woman is the essence of evil. I can't understand why she keeps being played on my alternative station! SHE IS NOT ALTERNATIVE! Easy listening... maybe... but definitely not alternative! I blame her for the down fall of civilization. 
3. Pizza, see below
4. Who ever was the absolute idiot who had the idea to repeal the tax law that gave people taking care of those with disabilities a tax break! FREAKING MORON!
5. The freaking callers collecting for the Fraternal Order of Police. They have called my house every day for the last month! I told them three times that I couldn't donate and they still have continued to call every day! I finally just stopped answering the phone. Yesterday I broke down and answered and told them to stop!
S and I decided to take the girls to Chuck-e-Cheese the other night. It was my first time there and I was pretty apprehensive. I walked out of there grateful to be leaving. S said he doesn't think it is that bad but I just couldn't handle it any longer. Part of the problem is that I just got so over stimulated. Constant noise, constant movement, kids everywhere, noise, noise, noise!!!! It was just too much for me. Plus I hate pizza. OK so I don't hate it I just would be happy if I never had to eat it ever again. S loves it, if you cut him he would bleed pizza sauce. After 15 years of living with someone who could eat it for every meal I just can't stand the stuff. 
So after seeing my blog about getting away the other day my sister decided to take action. She is taking me out of town at the end of the month. We are going to San Diego and I am so excited. I just want to lay on a beach with a book and not think about anything else for three days!  I just can't imagine... WHAT BLISS!!!
So here are the random ten for the week
1. Beat It - Fall Out Boy
2. More Than a Woman- Bee Gees
3. Only the Lonely- The Motels
4. The Great Commandment- Camouflage
5. Cradle of Love- Billy Idol
6. The Pretender- Foo Fighters
7. Kiwi- Maroon 5
8. Hungry Like a Wolf- Duran Duran
9. Fit But You Know It (Radio Edit)- The Streets
10. Kiss Me On the Bus- The Replacements

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2 little heroes said...

Hey, check this band out if you can, they're a local band of Portland. Climber. my sister went to school with a few of the guys and swears by their greatness. See if you like them.

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