Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wedding Tag

Wedding Tag
I got this off of a friends blog and thought it would be fun, since I cant think of anything else right now.

1. Where did you and your husband meet? We were set up on a blind date, see they do work sometimes!
2. How long before you kissed? I think it was about date number 4. It was the first time I asked him out on a date.
3. Who kissed who first? He kissed me and said later that he was really nervous.
4. How long from the time you met until you were engaged? 5 weeks... yes that is right... 5 weeks.
5. How did he propose? He asked me to marry him at the Sabaros Pizza at the ZCMI mall. (There is a long story behind that)
6. Did he pick out the ring or did you? We picked it out together.
7. Do you still like the ring? I no longer have that ring. He got it reset for our tenth anniversary! It was very sweet. You have very different taste when you are 19 years old, that is my defence!
8. Where was your wedding and reception? We were married at the Salt Lake Temple, and we our reception was at Stevenson House, it was a beautiful little reception center on the east side of Salt Lake City.
9. How many bridesmaids did you have and who was your maid of honor? I had 4 brides maids, and my best friend Elizabeth was my maid of honor.
10. What color were your bridesmaid dresses?Mauve, they were very 90's.
11. What was your bouquet made of? I don't know some flowers that I didn't like.
12. Who gave you away? I guess my Dad, we don't really do that in temple weddings.
13. Did you cry during your wedding? Yes like a big baby. Ruined my makeup too!
14. What style was your dress?Princess cut bodice, full skirt. The fabric is what I loved, white satin with a white floral print.
15. Was your wedding kiss sweet or sexy? Very sweet, kisses through tears always are.
16. Who caught your bouquet? Cant remember... might have been one of my bridesmaids.
17. What flavor was your cake? Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I had one bite of it and my family ate the rest while we were on our honeymoon.
18. Did you smash the cake onto each other's faces or feed it to each other nicely? Nicely, until I wiped a little frosting on his nose, then he retaliated.
19. What was "your song" that you danced to at your wedding? Didn't have dancing at our reception.
20. What did you serve your guests to eat? Cake and punch, boring huh!
21. What did your friends do to decorate your car? Oreos and duct tape.
22. What was your favorite wedding gift? Its been too many years. I do remember we got a lot of clocks though.
23. What was the worst wedding gift you got? Lemon yellow towels.
24. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Park City Utah, it was cheap but fun.
25. Looking back, is there anything you would have changed about your wedding? Probably would have had music and dancing.

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