Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving was a good day for me. I usually stress a lot about preparing a meal this large, but yesterday was a really relaxed day for me. I even had time for a nap. I started making food and preparing my Turkey the night before. Then that morning I got almost everything else done early so I didn't have to work on it all at the same time later. Spreading things out really helped. By the time my parents got here everything was either keeping warm in the crock pot or ready to go into the oven right then. It was awesome! I didn't stress at all. Maybe if I had more people than my parents over it would have been more stressful but hey who's complaining. 
So now I have an opportunity to say thanks to everyone that has made my life a little better. Thanks to my wonderful parents who have always taught me what is right. Thanks to my great friends, old and new, who are always there when I need them. Thanks to S's family who have always accepted me for who I am. Thanks to my beautiful little girls for showing me what strength really is. Thank you to my awesome husband who loves me unconditionally. 
I love you all!

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