Thursday, November 20, 2008

The chosen one

Since we moved I have received a lot of unusual mail. Someone out there has sold my information to everyone out there trying to make a buck. S does not receive these mail offers just me and every one has my name spelled wrong. I talked about one of them in a previous blog. I just got another unusual one this week. Someone with psychic powers trying to sell me a Ring of Re, whatever the hell that is! I get, on a weekly basis, at least three prize offers, 5 credit applications and about every other week now I get someone trying to sell me some weird object. What is with this? They make some of the most bazaar claims too. The most recent claims that this ring will give you good luck. One woman claimed that her husband left her three months earlier and the day she put the ring on he called and wanted her back. I am thinking that if she fell for this kind of crap a lot maybe he was smart to leave her in the first place and  maybe it was for the best. The person who's name is on the letter said that the ring made her a psychic. Well... I guess people will believe anything. She claims she has all the money she wants now. I bet she does if people are falling for this and are sending her money for the piece of junk she is selling. I would like to know how to stop the never ending stream of junk that I have been receiving. I don't want to be special anymore!!!!

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