Friday, November 14, 2008


I've decided to make a list of the things I have adjusted to since having children. Maybe it will make me feel better after a rather gross afternoon of Lou's messes.

Throw up- I haven't adjusted to this as well as I should have. However I can fight the urge to throw up myself when they do. It can actually be rather amazing when it projects all the way across the room.

Diapers- I guess when you have been dealing with this for 10 years you no longer get grossed out by poop. Changing diapers for a ten year old will do this for you too. I can't say I like it spread all over the walls though.

Blood- I used to get light headed when I saw wounds, now it is just another fluid that my children produce at random moments.

Drool- believe it or not this has its own odor. I almost find this more gross than throw up or poop. 

Pills- I have never liked taking pills and I don't like giving them to my kids. I consider them a necessary evil with my epileptic child.

Sweating- No matter how hot I am if my child needs to be held then I can deal with their body heat in order to make them feel better.

Stares- Children stare, adults stare, it doesn't matter anymore.

Loud noises- no matter how loud your children are in church, mine are worse. At least all of Emma's are happy noises.

Prayers- I do this a lot more often than I ever did before children. They are also some of the most comical things to happen in our house.

Embarrassment- Whether it is Lou turning the lights off during Sacrament meeting or Bug repeating something that she shouldn't I guess it just doesn't faze me anymore.

Spitting- OK so I hate this one. There is nothing in this world like having food spit at you, but I guess I am used to it by now. 

Hey if anyone out there is actually reading this blog and wants to add to this list go right ahead. Maybe if it something that my kids don't do it will make me feel better. 

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