Saturday, January 30, 2010

Question of the day

Do you make your kids do housework? If so... What do they do? At what age did you start them working? Did you have chores to do as a kid? If you don't make them do chores, why?


Sher said...

Hell(o) yeah my kids do chores.
That's why we have kids, right? Cheap labor?

I like to have my kids scrub toilets. And really, they like it.
On the "in between" days, I give them the tub of clorox wipes and they go to town.
They also get to wipe walls, the leather couch and the tables.
And my two bigger ones have to vaccum, and do their own laundry.

And when Peter has a tantrum and refused to go to her karate class, I make her work off the cost of the class.

Elaine Shandra said...

My sister and I used to do a lot of chores. My mom had chore cards that she divided up and passed out. We couldn't do anything fun until the chores were done and then sometimes she would add extra chores. Maybe that's why I put chores off so much now, hmmm... I'm sure I will have my children do chores according to their age and abilities, but hopefully it will seem more balanced than when I was young.

Sbankhead said...

Yep, my kids are in charge of their rooms and emptying their hamper and then they have a chore a day, Either Dishes, 2 Loads of Laundry or garbages. Their is list of what each job entails and they do pretty good and I am usually around to help them if they need it. We started about 5 with easy chores and have worked up from there. I REALLY believe in it. Too many kids are so endulged and entitled, Believe I teach a bunch of them, I think it is a way to teach them the world owes you nothing. If its meant to be its up to me and all that other stuff. Good Luck!

M-Cat said...

Chores? Absolutley yes! I NEVER clean the downstairs. For years it has been the 'man-cave' and they have to take care of it!

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