Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had a little "procedure" done today. Before you get all concerned it was nothing like my last one. Not invasive, not even something that I had to be knocked out for.
I have arthritis in the base of my spine. More specifically in my right hip area. It causes me a great deal of pain. We think it has been caused and aggravated by lifting my almost 60lb child and her 50lb wheel chair. (Not at the same time.) For a long time I just thought it was a chiropractor issue. It would go out on me about twice yearly, in the spring and fall (the two wettest seasons of the year) and I would dutifully go and spend hundreds of dollars talking to and getting adjusted by my awesome chiropractor. Whom I love and did wonders for me. It did help a lot, really! However the pain never really went away. Well after years of having this problem, I decided that I just needed to see a regular doc. I went to see mine, and he recommended an MRI. I had it done, (that is a whole other funny story). The result was that I have severe arthritis in the base of my spine. Well that meant onto the spinal clinic. I met with them and they recommended I get steroid shots. I had them done about a year and a half ago. It was getting a little uncomfortable again so I decided that it was time again.
Here is the thing, I like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I went all the way through labor with a placental abruption. That is suppose to be very painful. I literally stub my toes every day. I have a child that hits, pinches, bites, scratches, etc. I have learned not to react too much to this over the years. I do however have a HUGE problem with shots. I was told once by my dentist that blonds and red heads have more nerve endings on the surface of their skin so shots hurt more. Well I am both a blond and a red head (yes this is possible) This explains why I am a complete baby when it comes to shots. They make me cry every time! I am thirty five years old and shots still make me cry! That is just pathetic.
I told myself that this time I was going to be brave.
I would not cry!
(crickets chirping)

Yeah right!
So much for that. I did at least hold it in long enough to get to my little room afterward. OK, I shed some tears in the operating room too, but not as many as I wanted to.
Imagine the most sensitive and painful part of your body. Now imagine someone poking a needle into it and wiggling it around for a few minutes. It was like getting the shot you get at the dentist but in my back.
It just emphasized to me that I am actually a huge wimp.
Please don't judge me for this.

(By the way I am just fine, the pain doesn't last long and the back is feeling much better as a result, so no worries.)


The Boob Nazi said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you have to get these shots. At least the shots alleviate the constant pain, right?

M-Cat said...

I did not know that about blondes and redheads. That explains my Mom. I should be nicer to her now.

tiburon said...

Eek! My butt cheeks are clenching just thinking about a shot...

I wouldn't judge you for that ;)

ZiggyandFamily said...

What's my excuse, I'm not blonde or a red-head?? I HATE SHOTS IN THE WORST WAY!!!!! Ah, that feels better. Glad your pain has subsided. :)

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