Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Question of the day

Would you use one of these? If so... why? If not... why not?


Cassie said...

I never used one because they reminded me too much of having my child on a leash like they were a dog. I guess having your child leashed is better than them running wild creating chaos when you're in a crowded place, though. You have to do whatever will let you hang onto your sanity as a parent.

Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

Sure I'd use one, on my teenager, but just connect it to her phone, or the car keys, use it as a way to get her attention. No seriously, I can see the place for them, but I wouldn't ever use them because I think it sends a bad message to the child that they have freedom when they are too young for it. Even a stranger can undo the leash in a hurry, and it just becomes a hassle for others to get around in a crowded place. Even with a, spirited, son I wouldn't have used it when he was small... I just kept in good shape or he was in a stroller.

M-Cat said...

I am so fundamentally opposed to these, I don't even know where to begin.

Never used one. Never will. And I hate to admit that I have unkind thoughts about those who do. Go ahead and judge me. I deserve it.

Either my boys behaved or we left. No arguing, no bargaining, no begging, no coercing.

Only once did I walk out of a grocery store with a cart full of stuff that I asked them to hold aside until I could come back later without mr naughty and continue with my shopping.

As for the argument of keeping the child safe? Keep the kid safe by holding their hand or carrying them or sitting strapped in a cart.

The end.

Sorry you asked huh?

Christian and Melissa said...

Wow. I guess I will be the first to admit that I actually used one with my first (and probably will with my second) and loved it! My son loved it too! I don't think he ever even realized there was a rope attached to it. He'd even ask to put it on at home. The one we have is the monkey one that looks more like a backpack. I agreed with the whole "leash" thing, so I made an effort to NEVER pull on it. I only used it when we were in big crowds and it actually gave my child more freedom than he would have gotten otherwise. It eased my mind enough to actually set him down. Once my son was old enough to stay close to me, I did not use it anymore. Just because someone uses one of these, does not necessarily mean they are neglecting the good old-fashioned parenting techniques or being lazy by any means! Can't it be possible to do both? But, no need to explain myself! Motherhood is difficult! And I say, use what you need to help you enjoy it a little (as long as it is safe). I won't be judging!

Emily K said...

I have used these and even took the strap off the harness and have put the strap around my older kids wrists to keep them nearby in a crowded area. We have 3 rowdy boys and no matter how much we teach them to stay close by they like to push the boundries. We mostly used these when the kids were about 2 years old. It let them feel like they were walking with us but no one could grab them and take off, nor could they dash into the crowd. they have been very helpful to us. I think you need to make choices based on your own feelings and what works for each child. Now that we have a little girl we don't use it because she would never even attempt to run off. Just the difference between some kids personalities.

Fiauna said...

That would be a big YUP! I've used and will continue to use the harness until Keelie is too big. It allows her freedom to move around while still providing me the control of her safety. The alternative is the stroller which she is growing out of.

And I've received plenty of glaring looks and rude comments from people who have NEVER raised a disabled child. But I'm getting used to that.

Omgirl said...

I would use one if I had a very small child who was prone to running off and I was in a very busy place like Disney land.

Or I might just use one around the house to keep my kids out of my hair, hehehe.

Rachelle said...

Yep, I too was opposed (dog leash idea) but when you have four kids under the age of four (twins in there) at Disneyland you have to pick your battles...worry about what others think or safety of your kids and peace of mind on your behalf!!

ZiggyandFamily said...

Yes, I used one when our oldest child was little. He was a child who refused to hang on to my hand for long and we were always going places where he could easily get lost. He was MUCH happier to have some freedom and I was MUCH relieved not to have to fight with him or worry all the time when we were in crowed places, like a baseball park.

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