Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nothing to talk about

So I feel that I should blog because I haven't for a while. I have nothing to blog about, this is my dilemma

I am sick once again, but everyone has heard about that. My kids have been sick... ditto. I had to work today but since I spent the majority of my time working in the back room, there are no customers to complain about. Christmas was good and is now over once again. I am actually enjoying having my family home right now but will not be disappointed when it is time for school to start on Monday

I guess the highlight of the last few weeks has been spending time with the family. S and I have become quite addicted to playing Mario Kart, and it is pretty funny to watch Bug play too. We have seen a few good movies, and seen our families. I have enjoyed sleeping in and am trying not to let the weather get me down. I guess over all other than the sick stuff the last week has been pretty calm and I have very few complaints. 

WOW it is a Christmas miracle!! Sarah is not complaining for once! Just enjoy it while it lasts!!!

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