Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I married into a great family. S and I got engaged after only 5 weeks of dating, and we met on a blind date. We hadn't even known each other for a full 6 months when we got married. When S told his mom that we were engaged she locked herself in her room and cried. I can't say I blame her. He told her several times that she would like me but, all she could say was that she didn't even know me. I don't think that we made it very easy on her. To her credit I have never heard another negative thing come from her again. 
My in-laws have always accepted me for who I am, especially my Mother-in-law. She is easily one of my best friends. She is the kindest and sweetest person I know. She cares more for her children and grandchildren than anyone I have ever known. She would gladly give her life for one of them. Both of them have accepted me into their family with a great deal of grace. They have always treated me like one of their own children. They are kind, they are gracious, they are giving. They give of their time like it means nothing to them. At the age of 74 they still babysit my kids and get mad at me when they have heard that I hired a babysitter. They both have more energy than people half their age and they use that energy to help those around them. They take care  of their family but they also take care of their friends. They have been caretakers of a sweet neighbor of theirs for several years now, taking her to church, bringing  her things she need and basically loving her like family. 
 They seem to truly love me like I am one of their own, and I can't help but love them all the more for it. They are the best people I know, and I am glad to count them as my friends. I truly love them and all that they are. 


Taylor said...

So, is this a ploy to get better Christmas presents from them? Just kidding!! I know them and like them too! I have to give you some crap, because you don't get enough in you life!

Sarah said...

NO WAY my inlaws dont know I have a blog and I like it that way.

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