Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old friend and good friends

It seems lately like I have been doing a lot of friend finding. I blame facebook. It is so easy to get on there and find people I haven't seen in years. We recently found some old friends of ours that we haven't seen in about ten years. We have been talking back and forth, you know sending messages to each other. Well we finally got together with them last night. While wandering around Temple Square looking at the lights, we reminisced a little. OK a lot! Wow what a flashback. We were friends with these people pre-children. We were married for 5 years before we had our kids so we had a lot of pre-children years. They were a pretty big part of our lives for quite a while. S worked with them both at one point and so there was a big work connection. I remember their wedding, their families, their first apartment with the green leather couches. I remember going to concerts up at Wolf Mountain with them, sitting on blankets and making fun of the warm up band. Being with them last night really reminded me of what a good time we used to have. I remember the four of us hanging out in her room watching Better Off Dead (they did this for my benefit because I had never seen it before). Jeff (one of the old friends) seems to remember us beating a hasty path homeward at one point, but I don't remember that. 
The point of this whole ramble is that it really took me back. Watching S and Jeff now was like watching them when they were both in their early 20's again. It was really funny. Like watching little boys play in the back yard. It was like no time had passed at all between the four of us. I think we bored their daughter to death, but we had a great time and really enjoyed catching up. I have really enjoyed catching up with old friends lately. I like to think they have enjoyed it too. 

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