Friday, October 23, 2009

Randomness and Tunes

This has been a very expensive month. I had to repair and register my car yesterday. That includes replacing a circuit board, replacing the wind shield, an oil change and tire rotation, emissions inspection, and then paying taxes on it. Now we have to replace our washer and dryer. Yes both must be replaced... soon! Neither is working like they should and it is easier and cheaper to just replace both of them. Lets not even talk about all the co-pays, and prescriptions, and procedures that have been or are yet to be paid for.
I hate money! I hate the need for money! I hate that there is never enough money! I hate that even though we have been trying so hard to budget our money the right way, we have circumstances that don't allow us to do so.
Did I mention that I HATE MONEY!
I have driving issues.
Not my driving, that is just fine thank you very much.
I have issues with the way that other people drive.
There is too much to say on this issue, so I am leaving that to another entire post all its own.
Let me just say, its going to be a doozy!
I want dessert. I want to eat nothing but dessert all the time now. In fact I want to do nothing but eat lately. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have had such a hard time eating solid food for such a long time. I lost some weight while I was sick and I just know I am going to gain it all back because of the way I am eating. Part of me doesn't care. I am just so
(I just remembered that I had a half of a turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich sitting in the fridge that I needed to finish. So I had to run upstairs, mid post, and get it so I had something to eat while I type... pathetic much?)
I am trying to resist, sort of. Food just tastes soooo good right now.
I know.... Be strong!
Everything on my ipod is set up in categories. I can't listen to classical and rock and... well anything else just all mixed up. I just can't do it! Here are the lists I have
Children's Music
Exercise Music
Fun Music
Good Bands
New Stuff
Other Stuff
Primary Music
Sky High
Anything listed with a specific name is just that, Abba, Sky High (soundtrack) but the others are a little vague. Classical is obvious, Exercise Music is anything that has a good beat that will keep me going. Primary music is just that the primary CD's. Now the others are a little more confusing. For example other Stuff, is anything that I like that is a maybe a little older or just doesn't mix well with my other music. Like the soundtrack to Greese, or Paul Simon, or The Bee Gees, or the soundtrack to I Am Sam. (Which is also listed under Beetles.)
S thinks it is weird the way I organize my music, but I think it is weird that his is all in one file all mashed together. So when you listen to his you get anything from Depeche Mode to Kansas all at the same time. I just can't work that way. So today my random list comes from my favorites list.
Tunes (With commentary)
1. Head On- The Jesus and Mary Chain (Reminds me of High School, nuff said)
2. Holiday- Madonna (Anything from this album will always remind me of a simpler time in my life, no mortgage, no kids, no drivers license. Someone else paid for my meals. Ahhhh 6th grade!)
3. Juicy- Better Than Ezra (I heard this one on what I swear was a Jaguar commercial and had to have it, still one of my all time favorites.)
4. Set Sails Free- The Origin (Again with the high school flash back)
5. Into The Night- Santana Ft. Chad Kroger (Love this mans guitar!)
6. I Caught Myself- Paramore (One of my favorite bands right now)
7. Angels on the Moon- Thriving Ivory (Not much to say about this one, its OK, I cant really remember why I have it.)
8. How I could Just Kill a Man- Charlotte Sometimes (LOVE IT, love the title, love the band name, love the reference, love the song!)
9. Everybody Hurts- REM (This one makes me cry. Every. Single. Time!
10. Girls on Film- Duran Duran (Holy 80's flash back Bat Man!)

Sorry no bonus song, been to sick to download!


M-Cat said...

I hate the need for money too!
And you would hate the way I listen to my music, all smushed together. I can go from Mo-Tab to Eminem...... love it

Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

I can feel for the money thing - it's not our washer and dryer, it's our dishwasher, fridge and stove, lovely. And I can feel for the meds. Get feeling better soon.

Omgirl said...

I hate bills and stuff too. How no matter what you do, it seems like you can never get ahead. ARG! Living is so expensive!

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