Saturday, October 10, 2009


There you go people! I want to thank everyone for the shout outs!
You guys are all AWESOME!

Everyone make sure you go congratulate M-Cat too! She had the most entries and got the most people to enter as well! Way to go M-Cat!


M-Cat said...

I was totally giving my acceptance speech when suddenly Kanye grabbed the mike and bogarted my whole scene!

Thanks Sarah - love playing along!!

Emanhaud said...

M-Cat, I'm proud of you and IMa let you finish your acceptance speech but Obama was one of the greatest random contest winners of all time!


(The Nobel prize is a contest isn't it? It certainly has nothing to do with merit)

Omgirl said...

Melissa, you lucky ducky!

M-Cat said...

Okay darling Sarah, I lost the email thread you and I had going...... I took a long time to peruse the photos. Not gonna lie. He is FANTASTIC, and I had a hard time choosing!!

I think I finally settled on image 1265. I have always loved bluebells, they remind me of camping and my dad.

I know you have a TON that you are dealing with right now. We can work out a time to meet for lunch and grab Sherrie and the Motherboard as well..... : )

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