Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Randomness and Tunes With Commentary

I love this Facebook thing, it is so much fun finding old friends. I have found two old friends this week. S and I sort of have this contest going. Who can find the weirdest FB connection. I think I win because I found my Bishops Wife from when I was 17 by looking at the comments under a post by my current Bishops Wife. He thinks he wins because he found someone that he was friends with in High School by looking at the comments on my sisters post. Either way, both weird connections.
Still looking for donations for my 200th post,
(crickets chirping)

Ooooo K then... anyway.
Can a married man and a married woman (not his wife) ever just be friends? I am not talking about someone you formerly dated, just someone you were friends with.
Discuss please!
I love conference weekend. We are having guests, and that is even better. I love having guests. Yes it is a little work getting the house in order before hand, but it is worth it. At least it gives me an excuse to get my whole house clean.
What about you, do you like having guests?
We got The Bugs hair cut yesterday. It looks a little like this (minus the blue of course).....
I gotta say it is pretty cute on her. I will post a picture of her actual style as soon as I actually manage to style it. Yeah yeah I know lazy mom!
It was new hair style day yesterday, my hair used to look like this...
Now it looks like this...
Believe it or not this is the closest I could come to my natural color.
What do you think? The last time I went a lot darker and accept for S everyone in my entire family hated it.
I went grocery shopping last week, and I promptly got laid up the next day. So now I have a fridge full of groceries that need to be used up, I will be cooking up a storm this weekend. Thank goodness for guests that can eat it all up for us! Hey guys (you know who you are) make sure to come with a good appetite, I plan to feed you up and make you both fat like the rest of us!
Here is the music
(I always have something to say about every song so from now on there will be commentary with the tunes)...
1. No Big Deal- Love and Rockets (How can you not love this song!!!!)
2. Love is Dead- Kerli(She was a bit of a one hit wonder about a year ago, the album isn't half bad though.)
3. Out of Control- She Wants Revenge (Who knew that these guys are a couple of surfer looking dudes, very seductive music.)
4. Candy Everybody Wants- 10,000 Maniacs (This is the live version, LOVE IT)
5. Only You- Portishead (Very underground trip hop, so cool!)
6. Bigmouth Strikes Again- The Smiths (Morrissey, is the coolest thing to come out of the 80's)
7. The Metro- Berlin (Yes they actually had more than that Top Gun song!)
8. Ants Marching- Dave Matthews Band (not a huge fan of them, I think this is the only song I have by them)
9. Stay- Lisa Loeb (This one is OK it reminds me of living in NY for some reason)
10. Genius of Love- Tom Tom Club (The 80's ROCK!)
Paramore- Brand New Eyes (The new album, so excited!)
Owl City- Ocean Eyes (new album too)


M-Cat said...

Love conference. And I am GLAD I will have no guests.... : )

I do think a married man and a married woman can be friends. It's just a fine line of the friendship being too much. Emotional infidelity is pretty common.... that being said. I have lots of male friends and Splenda is friends with everyone of them too.

Happy Friday!

val of the south said...

I LOVE your new hair do! (And I love Warehouse 13)

I have a total double standard about the friendship thing - I think I should be able to have male friends, but my husband shouldn't have female friends! It is a tricky situation. I have a couple of male friends, unfortunately, my husband isn't fond of them personally so it makes it a bit awkward.

Teacher Teacher! said...

I'll come eat your food. You always make the best stuff! Cooking for one gets monotonous and boring all the time. I'd much rather have someone else make a nice home-cooked meal for me!

tiburon said...

Okay I think I might have fallen in love with you - just based on your music choices...

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