Thursday, October 1, 2009


where do I start...
So you all know I had a little procedure two weeks ago... right?
And you all know that it was indeed a little procedure... right?
And you all know that I have been down for a while... right?
So, after said procedure, I was feeling really good, I was on the mend, able get up and move around, go grocery shopping, do laundry, eat normal food. The last day I remember being able to do all of that was last Thursday. That night S and I went out to dinner with his parents and proceeded to stuff ourselves silly, so I wasn't surprised when I had a hard nights sleep. Friday I woke up with a pain on my left side, it was a little uncomfortable, like when you eat and then run, that kind of cramping pain. It hurt a little when I took too deep a breath, but the pain was bearable. I just figured it was the after effect of a heavy meal. Well Saturday I woke up and it was a lot worse. I made some comment on facebook about pain and that it hurt when I breathed in too deep. A couple of people promptly told me to get my butt into the Doctor so I heeded their advice and went to the Insta-Care. I do not like going in there, first of all because it is a $75 copay, second because you rarely see the same doc twice, and last because you have to wait forever to do so, but I went. To my dismay the Doc that I saw said that he was concerned about the pain but that there was nothing he could do about it because their CT scanner and x-ray machine were both down. (My kind of luck right!) So he strongly urged me to go to the ER. (As always things like this never happen on week days.) So I went home to get the Man, and to find someone to watch the girls. I proceeded to call every neighbor I could think of. NO ONE WAS HOME, I mean what did I expect, it was Saturday morning after all! I finally got a hold of one neighbor who helped me get a hold of another who took the girls.
(Becki YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Paul your not so shabby either!)
S gave me a blessing and we left for the ER. This was at about 11:30 am. We got to the ER and had to wait for a surprisingly short time to be admitted. To make a long story short, after drinking 64 ounces of the most disgusting stuff I have ever had to drink, eating almost an entire roll of winter green lifesavers, draining an entire bag of IV fluid, and dealing with the ordeal of chest x-rays and blood work I was told there was nothing wrong and promptly discharged. The one thing the ER doctor did say was that it looked like there was a little bit of a spot right around my bowel that might have a problem but he didn't think it was anything to worry about. Plus he was very concerned about my right ovary. Well DUH, that was part of what the whole "little procedure" was about anyway! So we went home. Well eventually the pain started to move, not go away, just move lower. I stayed home from church on Sunday, and missed the Primary Program, that I was suppose to participate in. By Sunday night I was starting to feel a little better. Monday I got up and was feeling OK which was saying a lot. I got the kids off to school, showered, put make up on, got dressed, and had some normal food. I had enough energy to run some errands, get my hair cut, talk to some friends, and color my hair. I was feeling pretty good. Monday night the pain returned, in a completely different spot. I was in pain all night. I even called S home from a service project because I was feeling so rotten. Tuesday morning, I couldn't hardly get out of bed. I called my doctor and moved up my appointment that I had scheduled for the next day. I went in to see him and described the pain and where it was. He seemed genuinely perplexed. The problem is that there is nothing on the left side of the body that could cause that kind of pain. He looked with an ultrasound and... nothing! He was concerned about what I was describing however, and put me on a gorilla-cillin to try to clear up whatever was wrong. He said that it seemed as though I "might" have some sort of infection around my bowel and that the thing that would help me is to get up and move around more. I have tried, I swear I have! I get up, I move around, I eat normal food, I do normal things, but the pain keeps coming back, especially in the evenings. It is like my body just gets so worn out by that time that it gives in. I am so tired of this! I don't want to be in pain anymore! I know compared to some people that this really is nothing, but it just hurts so much! I am going to call the doctor... AGAIN today to update him and try to get some more of the MONDO Ibuprofen I have run out of. Hopefully since it has been almost 48 hours the antibiotic will kick in and the pain will start to subside. Thank you all for you amazing support, and care. I have be so touched by all the loving messages that I have received, there has been some great advice, and I appreciate all of you!
I will keep you updated... promise.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm sorry you're in so much pain!

Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

So sorry you've gone through this. It sounds like something I would go through, I relate! Get some extra sleep (ha, ha, ha) and let S do some extra work around the house. It'll work out eventually. love ya.

M-Cat said...

Holy freakin crap!! Enough already girl! I am so sorry..... hang in there. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

val of the south said...

That so totally sucks! I hope the antibiotics kick in soon and take care of the problem.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

acte gratuit said...

Sorry you have mystery pain!!! That stinks! At least I know where my comes from! I think you've earned a Mamasan! Let me know if you need a recommendation!!!

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