Friday, April 24, 2009

Randomness and music

I am grumpy today. I woke up after a rough nights sleep and that makes me very grumpy. I tried to go back to sleep after I took the girls to school but that never works for me. Why is it that when I desperately want to sleep I can't and when I need to be awake I am groggy. I have been groggy for about a week straight now. I put it all down to being drugged up on Benadryl. I did however figure out what it was that I am reacting to. I apparently can not take a certain kind of antibiotic. At least I know that now. I refuse to keep taking the stupid Benadryl however, because I am so tired of being tired, so I am itchy until the Prednison (sp) does its job.
Lucky me!


I have a big decision coming up. I can't work during the summer because I do not have anyone to watch the kiddos. So I have to decide if I am going to stay with my job and just work on Saturdays or if I am going to quit all together. The problem is that I need a job when they are in school and they are a little hard to come by these days. What I really need it a job that I can go to when the girls are in school and can leave when they get out. One that I can have summers off and all holidays. OK I know that it sounds like I need to be working at a school right... well easier said than done. S suggested that I apply to be a substitute but, I have serious issues that this state does not require substitutes to have any kind of training. Therefor I feel that it would be kind of hypocritical to apply for something that I have no training for. Maybe this is the time to go back to school after all.
Who knows?


I have been trying so hard to exercise regularly lately. I either use the elliptical (thanks to our neighbors that we are storing it for... Thanks Cassie and Paul, we will keep it for as long as you need us to!) for 20 minutes every morning or I go for a 2 and a half mile walk. I do feel so much better when I get regular exercise, but this morning I just couldn't convince myself to do it. Part of the problem is motivation and part of the problem is just exhaustion.
Tomorrow will be better... right?


Sorry about the boring post this morning... did I mention that I am tired?
Here are the tunes

1. Pure Morning- Placebo
2. The Resolution- Jacks Mannequin
3. Hollywood- Zeromancer
4. Electric Feel- MGMT
5. The Only One I Know- The Charlatans
6. Poker Face- Lady GaGa
7. Dani California- Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. Stay- Oingo Boingo
9. I'm Alive- David Cook
10. Crucify- Tori Amos

Bonus: World Full of Nothing (Remix)- Depeche Mode


Taylor said...

I'm glad that you are using it! I don't want it back anytime soon. I hate it. I find it incredibly boring!

Leah said...

Sorry you're all bored. It's because I left. Terrible terrible

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