Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Gifted, and bored.

I have decided that I am not meant to be a writer. Rarely to do have the vocabulary or the mental ability to be able to come up with witty prose. I read a lot of different blogs lately and some of these women have a true gift for putting what they are thinking down in type.
do not have this gift
If you are interested in those that do, I suggest you check out some of the blogs listed to the left of the screen.
So if you are reading this expecting poetry or even something that makes sense I suggest you go elsewhere.
If you are reading out of curiosity, then hopefully you will choose to stay a while and enjoy some of my previous blogs.
If you are a regular visitor then I am hoping that is because you have at some point found something to amuse you.
If you are just reading because we are friends and you feel obligated, well thanks for the support.
I have a fairly non exciting life, I will admit. I have a wonderful husband that works all day. I have two great kids that spend all day in school. I have a chintzy little part time job that I hardly ever have to go to. I have a gigantic load of house work that I neglect on a regular basis.
So you might ask...
"What is it exactly that you do all day Sarah?"
Well.... I do this a lot.
I sit at the computer and blog about my non exciting life. I check Facebook a lot... OK way too much. I do read a lot, but not of course as much as I used to. I seem to do laundry, and dishes at least a few minutes every day.
I do seem to ask myself the same question frequently.
What do I do all day?
So here is my question for all of you...
What do you do all day?


Sher said...

Sarah, I love reading your blog, because you keep in real. You don't just post about "how perfect life is and we went to the zoo today" or whatever. I like it when you say it like it is, and I think you are a better writer than you think you are.

vennessa said...

i agree with your friend your a better writer than you think. you keep me laughing with all your sarchasm its entertaining. its also honest. as far as what i do all day..pretty much the same as you. i have a job but spend more time trying to get out of it than acctually doing it. and spend way too much time facebooking

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