Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good weekend

We had a great weekend over Easter. In good part it was due to the fact that we had a visitor. Now that we have a house that has a decent spare room we have people come and stay more often. Our most frequent visitor so far has been Leah. I have known Leah since she was 14 years old. I taught her in Young Women's when we lived in New york. She lives in Arizona now and comes to visit every so often. We had a great weekend with her, not that we did anything all that spectacular, we just had a good time doing what we did do. So here are some of the pictures from her visit.

I will explain this photo on my next post.

I know how much she loves Thai food so I made a new dish for her first night here. I forgot to mention that Leah is a great photographer she makes my cooking look artsy!

She took yet another set of family photos for us on Easter Sunday.

The Bug hamming it up!

The one thing she really wanted to do this weekend was go to the indoor sky diving place again. So she and S went when I was at work on Saturday. This is a picture of her flying.

We went grocery shopping on Friday (Yes I really made her go grocery shopping, exciting... huh.) and we found an unusual item that neither of us had ever tried. This is a picture of Leah trying a kumquat. They were a little sour!

The Bug made her play pick up stick with her and the strategical placed the sticks that each of them won in their hair... see if you can tell who won.

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