Friday, April 3, 2009


There have been very few times in my life when I have actually felt like yelling at a complete stranger on the phone and have actually followed through with it. This is one of those times. We have a medical reimbursement company that we are suppose to send our medical receipts to and be reimbursed for our expenses. Keep in mind that this is our money, we have it removed from my husbands check so that we can afford all of the doctors visits and medical expenses that we incur throughout the year. We have had no less than 6 expense forms denied within the last month. These are for large medical expenses too, not just the usual $15 co pays. I have had to call them repeatedly and ask why they are being denied. This would not be as big of a deal if they had not already reimbursed us for the exact same things more than a dozen times already. I know none of this is making a lot of sense but I am so angry! I do not like yelling at strangers, I know that it isn't the fault of whoever happens to answer my phone call but that is just their tough luck. Of the three companies that we have had to work with, this is by far the stupidest one! I am literally yelling a banging my fists on the desk in frustration! I HATE THIS CRAP!!!! If anyone out there ever gets the chance to work with a medical reimbursement company called ADP benefits services... DON'T! They are not worth the effort and they are from HELL!


Jo said...

UGH! How incredibly frustrating. I don't blame you a bit for losing it. What a nightmare.

Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

That's very frustrating. We set up a Health Savings Account, and have pre-tax deposits into it from C's paycheck. It's nice because it's just like a checking account. Whenever we have a med expense I just write the check out of that account.

p.s. I really enjoy yelling at strangers. I guess I comes from my collector years.

Sarah said...

It is suppose to work the same way accept that we submit receipts and get paid back for them. At least that is how it is SUPPOSE to work!

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