Friday, April 10, 2009

Random stuff and tunes

So my kids are out of school this week... yes this whole week... yes that is 9 freaking days! I am a firm believer that ALL school should be year round. Not the usual year round crap that we have here in some of the schools either. Every day for the whole year. OK so they can have Sundays off... and maybe Christmas Day... OK Thanksgiving too, but that's it! I really do love my children, but I didn't have kids so that I could entertain them at home. That is what the teachers are for... right? (Those of you who are teachers, you are awesome, no one does better with my kids, not even me.) I just don't have the patience for the constant talking, or for trying to find things to entertain them. Lou in particular needs a much more structured environment, she has 5 teachers for heavens sake. I just can't provide that kid of structure. In other words I can't wait for Monday!
We have a visitor this week. Leah is one of the girls that I taught in church when we lived in NY. She is like a sister to me. I love her to death. I am so excited she is here and I know we are going to bore her to death... again. We do this every time! Poor girl there just isn't that much to do in Layton. Especially with the above mentioned problem that my girls are out of school so we have to cart them around with us everywhere we go. Maybe she will enjoy grocery shopping with me today... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I am hosting my book club this next week. We are reading a sci-fi classic, Enders Game. I love this book but I know that the other ladies are scared about reading it for some reason. Maybe they are just nervous that they wont like it and I will be insulted. Not gonna happen. I have read a lot of good books lately. A friend of mine was asking for suggestions the other day and it occurred to me that I could make a weekly post with my randomness about books that I have read that I enjoyed. So here is my first suggestion.
The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak. Every one should read this book it is amazing! So go.... do it... NOW!
What is the deal with containers that cant be opened. I got a huge tub of laundry detergent the other day that had a seal on it that was so hard to get off that I almost broke a finger. It was laundry detergent for heaven sake. Not medicine, not edible in any way. What, do I have to be protected from someone poisoning my detergent? Really this is being taken way too far!
Here are the tunes
1. Jane Says- Jane's Addiction
2. We Got the Beat- The Go Go's
3. Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics
4. Don't Know Why- Nora Jones
5. Like a Virgin- Madonna
6. Satisfied- Squeeze
7. The Whole of the Moon- The Waterboys
8. Devil Inside- INXS
9. Wild Boys- Duran Duran
10. Question of Lust- Depeche Mode

Bonus: Something is Not Right, I've Seen Enough, and Relief- Cold War Kids (I really like them)
Poker Face- Lady GaGa (Saw her perform on Idol and WOW... weird!)


Sher said...

Amen about spring break! I liked that we only had 2 days last year. Why did they change it?
I like that your book club is doing sci-fi, or in other words anything other than sad, boring Oprah books. Actually, our list this year is better than last. Last month we read the Book Thief. I loved it! This month we are reading Queen Bees and Wannabes. A topic I really think everyone in my neighborhood should read about. And not just those with teenage daugthers!

p.s. I agree about Lady Gaga. How 'bout that zipper on her eye? WEird!

WV: later. Yep.

AS Amber said...

What everyone needs is an ex-husband. That way he takes the kids half way through spring break and you don't go crazy. If only there was a way to get one of those without going through the heart break of divorce??? Oh, and you get to keep your husband. Unless you don't want to. That's up to you.

What I'm saying is that my spring break just started today and they're going to their dad's on Wednesday.

Why didn't I just say that?

Sarah said...

LOL Maybe I should just get a second residence for him to live in and then I can send them to him!

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