Friday, April 17, 2009

Fridays Randomness

For future reference I will state right here that I like to sleep. In fact there are few things that I like more than sleep... OK... well... maybe eating. I am one of those people that need my eight hours of sleep every night or I don't function well. So the fact that I am up and writing this at 4:50 in the am will speak volumes to all of you. It does however, add to my randomness for the week so maybe I should be grateful. After all if it wasn't for bad night what would I have to blog about?

I am in the midst of an allergic reaction to.... something. I do this a lot. I cannot seem to use new products without having some kind of reaction to them. It used to be just products that had some kind of oil base to them, like hair products that make your hair shinny, or skin so soft. Now it seems to be other items that are giving me a bad time. I have started using two or three new products this last week so now we start the process of elimination. I cut one of the products out of the beauty regime, and wait a few days and see if the hives go away. If they do not then we try one of the others. In the mean time here I am like one giant hive, itchy, red and very irritable. I just do not think it is fair that I am not allowed to have any kind of skin pigment (fake or not), nice looking hair, or soft skin. All kinds of people I know use these kinds of products every day and when I try this is the result. Maybe it is a result of having what is essentially a red head skin tone (I know I am not a red head anymore, but I used to be and I still have the freckles to prove it). Maybe it is just the result of bad genetics that come as the result of being the walking recessive gene in the family (especially since none of my siblings appear to have the same problem) but, whatever it is...
I am tired of being itchy and not sleeping because of it!
I am also tired of being drugged up so as not to be itchy!
I had to attend a maturation class yesterday for The Bug. Let me just say, WOW! I was so surprised by not only what was said but by what wasn't. They glossed over what I thought was some pretty important stuff and emphasized some things that I thought were not all that important. I have been dreading this all year and I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe it is because we already had this discussion a few months back and most of what was covered at school was also covered at home. I think the hardest part for me was just the fact that I now have a child old enough to know about sex.
(Don't worry I am not posting a picture for this one)

I am going to do a give away for my 100th post so make sure to keep an eye out. By the way you have no chance of winning if you do not list yourself as a follower. So there! I make some really cool jewelry that you want, and there may be some other items too...
It is just a few posts away!

I decided to take my random tunes from my exercise list this week since that seems to be the only list that I have been listening to much.
1. Youth- Matisyahu
2. Black Tambourine- Beck
3. Inaction- We Are Scientists
4. Beverly Hills- Weezer
5. 5 4 Five Four- Gorillaz
6. Cobrastyle- Teddybears Sthlm &Mad Cobra
7. Sugar We're Going Down- Fallout Boy
8. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage- Panic! At the Disco
9. Crushcrushcrush- Paramore
10. Feel Good Drag- Anberlin

Bonus: Lights Go Out- Client
It appears as though I like angry music while exercising, well at least it gets me motivated!


Jo said...

I am old. I didn't recognize one single song on that list.
Sorry about the hives, good luck and happy benedryl!

Sarah said...

They are all on my playlist down below.

Sher said...

My Dad broke out in itchy hives this week, too. Maybe it's something in the water over there. Good luck with the process of elimination.
And I can't wait for your giveaway! I've always loved your jewelry.

AS Amber said...

YAY!!! I'm already a follower!! Now you know that I really do LOVE you!

When I was pregger with my third baby (new father) I got PUPPPs. It's this rash that it so unbelievably awful. It's so itchy. I itched for 6 months straight. I always keep my fingernails very short but I grew them out so I could scratch. I so feel your pain!

Jill said...

Sorry about the hives, I have extremely sensitive skin as well, so I can feel your pain. It's completely miserable!!!

Leah said...

So if I just post over and over and over until I hit 100, do I still get the shiny pretties?? :D

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