Monday, March 22, 2010

What Happens on the Playground Stays on the Playground

Actual Conversation

Picture the scene with me if you will....
A recess duty (that would be me) walking around observing and admonishing children on a playground. (Go figure huh). She is joined by Turtle (I did not have to make up a name this time, he calls himself that, and no it is not his actual name.) a third grader of the male persuasion, who actively enjoys hanging out with the "doodies".
Turtle: How come you keep walking so much.
Me: I have to so I can see everything I need to see, it's my job.
Turtle: I am going to invent a machine that you can sit in and not have to move at all.
Me: That's called a car.
Turtle: Yeah but you still have to move your arms, in my machine you will just think you want to go another direction and you will go there.
Me: So we can all get fat, like in WALL-E.
Turtle: Yep that would be awesome.
Me: (Laughing a little) Well you better get going on that.
Turtle: Well I have to graduate from college first (a little indignant).
Turtle: Hey by the time I graduate from college you will probably be dead anyway.
Me: (Looking VERY indignant!) I am not that old! How old do you think I am anyway?
Turtle: Forty Nine.
Me: Are you kidding me? Turtle that hurt! (pretending to be in pain)
Turtle: Well you look pretty old.
(P.S. I am actually only 35, that really did hurt, even from a third grader!)


The Boob Nazi said...

haha you'll be dead by then. Goodness, children are so odd.

Elaine Shandra said...

When I was 21, one of the sixth graders in the after school program thought I was 12 (he's right if the numbers were swapped). Apparently it was because I didn't have any wrinkles. How many 21 year-olds have actual wrinkles? Most of my students (9-12 graders) still think that I'm about ten years younger, but at least that still makes me an adult. They even figure out who to talk to about assignments and such, even when I'm not sitting at the desk and that makes me happy! I think that I'd have difficulty believing anyone who thought I looked my age or older. I get upset when people think I'm way younger than I actually am. Once, when I was about 23, a girl at a ward function told me that she thought I was 12!!! I know I shouldn't have, but I hated her for a year!

Sher said...

I really think that 9 year old have a skewed sense of time.
I think you look ten years younger than you really are!

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