Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I don't want to do anymore

Things I don't want to do anymore
Get out of bed
Go to meetings
Make life changing decisions
Be spit on
Fill up sippie cups
Dole out medications
Say no
Make meals
Clean my house
Stand outside in the rain
Yell at children that are not my own
Argue with children that are not even 12 years old yet
Be told that I look my age or older
Watch blindly as people do things that I know are wrong
Skip exercising
Eat because I am stressed out
Smile when I don't feel like it
Answer questions about my personal life
Pay bills that I don't have the money to pay
Accept that I have TWO disabled children
Be cheerful
Be negative


M-Cat said...

You need a vacation. Even just a day away.

Teacher Teacher! said...

Come to Phoenix. It's warm and sunny. You can sit out in my backyard and help me spend money decorating my kitchen. You can direct me from the back patio while you sip fresh smoothies with a tiny umbrella.

Lyle Family said...

I don't want to do some of those things either, how about we hang out and not do them together...

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