Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Lovin

I love summer.
I love it when it is hot enough outside to walk around at 9pm in shorts and a tee shirt.
I love it when you can leave your windows open at 3 am and it is too hot to sleep.
I love it when you go outside for a half an hour and you get a sunburn (well I do anyway).
I love not having to carry a huge coat around with me just in case I happen to step outside for 30 seconds.
I love it when I have to crank my air conditioner in order to be comfortable.
I love it when I can send my kids outside to entertain themselves on the trampoline or with the sprinkler.
I love short sleeves, shorts, and flip flops.
I love not having to wear shoes or socks to go get the mail.
I love not shoveling snow.
I love green grass.
I even love weeds, because if they are growing it means it is warm.
I love eating Popsicles, and ice cream outside.
I love the smell of sunscreen and tanning oil.
I love tan lines, and yes believe it or not, freckles!
I love hanging around with friends in the back yard so late that you forget you have to get up and turn on the lights.
I love the smell of back yard barbeque's.
I love crayons melted on hot cement.
I love laying on the hot cement to dry off after running through the sprinklers.
I love sidewalk chalk.
I love drive in movies with the windows down.
I love camping.
I love green leaves and growing things.
I love watermelon, and strawberries, and mangos, and tomatoes from the garden.
I especially love the smell of summer storms!!!

So tell me what do you love about summer?


Leah said...

I love not having to work! I love being free to wander around the country as I please!

Rachelle said...

Hi Sarah! I loved your list! Have a great day, I hope later on this summer when we come to Utah we can get together. I'll let you know our plans!

Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

I love summer, except I don't have anything more than a swamp cooler. Lame. Other than that, it's great. Good looking strawberry pie! Have the receipe? Yum. Have a great summer with your girls!

Sarah said...

the pie is just a picture I found off of the web

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