Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I must be crazy!

So I am not a gardener...
(not that that comes as a surprise to anyone out there)
until now that is.
When I was growing up gardening was the worse form of corporal punishment imaginable. I do believe that is the way my parents liked it too. You did something wrong, you had to go weed the garden. I am not sure that it didn't backfire on them though. The whining that went along with that particular chore would have been enough for me to just give in. They persisted though and every year we would have fresh produce to show for it.
I never had any interest in gardening until a couple of years ago. We had our little garden patch in the back yard of our former house, it was small and not well tended, mostly from lack of care, oh and lack of water. We tried grow boxes of a sort too but they never yielded very good results. For some reason they insisted on being watered ever day...
and ...
yeah, that didn't happen.
So last year my father-in-law got it into his mind that he wanted to plow up part of the "old family farm" and we could each have our own family plot.
Last year we divided up our plot and shared with our neighbor.
So we had a 20 x 50 space.
We did a few things, mostly tomatoes, and zucchini and radishes. They grew really well, even though we let the weeds get out of control. We were very bad at it, but the soil was so good that we didn't have to be very good at it to make things grow. This year our neighbor decided that there wasn't enough time for the giant garden, so the entire plot is ours.
Yes that's right...
we have a 40 x 50 foot plot for our garden.
My absolutely wonderful husband has decided that he wants to take a larger roll in this project this year too so he did a lot of the planting!
Color me surprised!
Let me just say last year things were a little different.
So this year we have...
green beans
So far things are going alright, we haven't killed anything yet but,
it is early for that,
Give us time!
I will be leaving periodic garden updates on here for those of you who want to see me fail miserably, I know how you love to have something to tease me about!

Tomatoes, we panted about 16 plants and about 5 different varieties.

Not sure what these are but they are popping up all over the garden, hopefully they are edible.
Do they look familiar to any of you?

Radishes, I hate them but S loves them so I do them for him.

Look at my cute little beans sprouting!!!

Yes this entire spot is all ours to do with as we please!

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Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

Good luck. Feel about the same way, but still do it because Rob loves gardening (see pictures on my blog from last weekend). Maybe you'll actually get something in that good looking dirt. Keep Smiling!

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