Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Randomness

OK so I warn you now that I have very little randomness for the week.
My lack of randomness stems from the fact that I have done
absolutely nothing this week!
I can count on three fingers the times that I have actually left the house this week.
Not only that but I can tell you that each trip consisted of only 20 minutes each. I am experiencing my one special version of cabin fever! On top of the fact that I have gone absolutely nowhere all week I have been battling mountains of laundry while trying to adjust to the little people who seem to have invaded my home.
This has not been pleasant.
On a related note...
Those of you who read this from out of state
(especially those of you who are from or still live in the New York area)
may not understand my frustration with this, so let me explain.
I live for summer.
Not only has it been terribly delayed this year but now it seems as though someone feels that they have to make up for the lack of spring we did not get.
Like a do over.
It has rained ALL FREAKING WEEK, and it hasn't been that great smelling warm summer rain kind of stuff. The temperature has dropped down so far that it has actually been COLD. (Yes I am in fact yelling while writing this!)
I do not like rain.
I am trying to decide something so maybe those of you in the blogger world can help. There is a blogger luncheon on Saturday. I was going to go but everyone that I might actually know in person is not going. I don't just want to invite myself to something where I haven't actually met anyone. This sort of gives me that first day at a new school feeling. I thought that feeling was long since gone but I guess not. I really wanted to go so that I could put some names to faces
Anyone out there in blog land want to take pity on me and add me to your group?

Did that sound too desperate?
And now.... The tunes

1. Secret- Maroon 5
2. In My Arms- Snow Patrol
3. Can't Buy Me Love- The Beetles
4. One of Us- ABBA
5. Blue Savannah- Erasure
6. I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie
7. Tangerine Speedo- Caviar
8. Fake Do-Gooders- The Eams Era
9. Someone to Love- Fountains of Wayne
10. Fire it Up- Modest Mouse


The Boob Nazi said...

I've gone before without knowing anyone but Kristina. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I have to write a paper today, so I can't go.... And I don't have enough cash in my account to take some out and pay for lunch! How sad is that?

Sarah said...

I can relate to the not enough cash thing. I dont even know Kristina that is the problem I wont know ANYONE!

Sher said...

I feel you on the rain thing. My kids are driving me bonkers.
Oh, and don't worry, MB didn't go to the lunch either. She had a wedding or something.
We'll have to get a smaller, less daunting meet n greet together.
I think you two would totally hit it off.

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