Friday, October 10, 2008


So I guess I can add to my blog now. Apparently blogspot thought that my blog was spam and I wasn't allowed to add to it until they reviewed it and got back to me. It seems as though they have reviewed but never got back to me, so here I am just assuming I can't add anything. 
I was trying to figure out what to write about the other day and I guess my job is the thing on my mind the most lately. I work an easy little retail job, and I love it. It doesn't make me any money, and in fact S says they should just garnish my check and pay me with childrens clothes. I sort of agree. I believe that everyone should be forced to work in some sort of service industry at some point in their lives. People are so rude! They come in and feel that they can talk to you any way they want because in their opinion they pay my paycheck. Unless they live in New Jersey and work in the accounting department of the company I work for then no they don't. Their measly $20 purchase doesn't even make a dent in the amount of money the store makes and yet they feel they can make me do whatever they want. I get that it is my job to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, but some people take it too far. so here is my list of things that you should never do to someone who works retail. 
1. Do not come in and expect to return something that you purchased that is now on sale without a reciept and expect to get your full refund back. We don't know when it was purchased and we don't remember you coming in and purchasing it. 
2. Don't return something just because the frickin button fell off. Get a stupid needle and thread and sew it back on!
3. Do no tell me that you pay my check!
4. Do not show up at the store at ten minutes before closing time and hang around for the next half hour and expect us to be happy about it. Some of us have been standing on our feet for the last 8 hours and want to go home to our families. 
5. Don't just drop things wherever you want. If you dont know where you got something from come and give it to someone who works there, and we will put it away. 

So those are my gripes I guess I am done. If you want to argue please feel free to comment, just don't expect me to be nice!

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Jill said...

The best is when a customer wants to return something from online but didn't bring in their on-line invoice. They expect me to have ESP so I just know how much they paid for their items.

And I hate it when someone says: "I used to work retail and we used to do that all the time." Well, there's a reason why they don't work retail anymore. THEY GOT FIRED!!!

I love working retail, I think it's fun but people can be real idiots.

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