Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It really Bugs me

I have something I have been meaning to write about for some time now, but I was waiting until I actually had something to report. There is a little bit of back story first...
This is The Bug...
She is 11, cute huh!

This is how The Bug Started out is life. Not so cute! This is after her chest tube had been removed. That patch that is blocking you from seeing her face is holding in the tube that is making it so she can breath. The patches on her back are measuring her breathing and heart rate. She lived the first two months of her life in a plastic box, surrounded by tubes and wires. She weighed 1lb. 12oz. when she was born.
This is not an easy thing to get over.
Nor does it happen quickly.
We are very lucky to have her. Blessed is the word we use. She and her sister are the best blessing we have ever received from our Heavenly Father. We are beyond flattered that he thought so much of us to entrust us with these amazing children.
I have a secret though...
Sometimes I get tired of fighting.
We have had a lot of fighting lately. Not with The Bug, about The Bug. (Don't worry we are not fighting with each other. We are fighting with the school district.) About 2 years ago The Bug was put on a horrible seizure medication that made her regress to the level of about a 1st grader. This happened right in the middle of her 4th grade school year. Because seh started out the year already behind, that year we tried to get her held back, so she could learn the stuff she missed.
We were told NO.
The next year we tried again to get her held back because she was SO far behind the other kids. We were told...
"It's not going to happen, stop trying".
So we have been doing what we can to help her try to keep up with the kids her age. She was behind when she started, and has progressively fallen further and further behind as the school year has progressed. Next year she enters the seventh circle of Hell, better known as Junior High.
I am terrified.
Not just because it is Junior High, not just because I don't want my baby to grow up. Anyone who knows me knows that I am more than willing to let my babies grow up. I have had 11 years of infancy for Heavens sake. This is not the problem.
I am terrified because I will be releasing my child that has an IQ of around 80 and the social maturity of about a 4th grader into the HELL that is Junior High. I have felt for some time like my hands are tied as far as the choices we have.
Well....Her teachers have finally caught on!
Her Resource teacher came to me the other day and said that the other 6th grade teachers approached her and stated that she should NOT be sent on to the next level. Someone actually asked me if I had thought of holding her back a year......
My response, you ask?
(Gigantic Pause!)

(Said in complete frustration)
Sometimes I just want to scream!
Long story short (too late!) we are having her tested for PDD-NOS which is a pervasive developmental delay, (like we don't already know that she has one) and are looking at putting her into what they call a learning center (a class for kids with behavioral issues). We have also had a very serious discussion with people from the district about holding her back next year. AND THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED!
So as it stands right now we are waiting....
and waiting...
and waiting...
to see what happens with our child. To see if people actually listen to us and realize that WE TOO have our child's best interests at heart. To see if we may have to go to more drastic measures, ie. home school.....
So as it stands right now we are... waiting... and testing.
Bottom line... change is coming. I will keep you updated as it happens.
Cross your fingers for us... would you please?


Omgirl said...

Wow, I had no idea it was such a big deal to hold your child back. I would have thought getting them put forward a year took some effort, but holding them back? I would have thought it was no biggie. Well, I'm glad that things are looking up. I hope she gets put where she needs to be! (She is ADORABLE!)

Jo said...

And a prayer too. I am sorry.

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