Friday, November 6, 2009

I just can't resist Random Fridays

I know I posted that I wouldn't be posting much for a while but there are two things I can't resist. Wordless Wednesday, and Random Fridays. I just can't go without doing those two posts. Plus I have a bunch of stuff that is bugging me right now.

People who don't know how to drive should not be on the road.
So here is a simple little driving test for you...
1. Which lane do you turn into if you are turning left at an intersection (or right for that matter)?
2.When two people arrive at a stop sign at the same time who had the right of way?
3. What is the left lane on the freeway for?
These seem like pretty simple questions right? You would think that every person who has actually managed to secure them selves a drivers license would have at one point know the answers to these wouldn't you?
So tell me does anyone out there know the answers to these?
I have serious issues with time. I am on time for everything, if not a little early. I do not like it when others make me late. I think it is a serious lack of respect for others and their time when you make them late. I do not care of you are late for something I do not judge, but you better not make me late too. I am a respecter of others time too. I hate being forced to wait for someone. You know like the cable guy who says that he will be there some time between 7am and 10pm. I especially hate the people who say they are coming over, so you wait....
and wait...
and wait, until you just can't wait any more and you finally decide that the stink coming off of your body has to be taken care of. So you decide that you will just take a quick shower and that is when they finally decide to show up. Of course you don't open the door the second they arrive so they go away. Now if that person had just been capable of showing respect for your time and telling you approximately what time they would be showing up, maybe that would have helped.
You think?
I want to start an etsy shop for my jewelry... anyone out there done this? Anyone want to give me a tutorial?
No takers.... OK then I guess I will have to try for myself.
I was thinking of trying to assemble some people for a blogger lunch thing at my house. Anyone interested? Would it be worth it for you if you had to drive to Layton? Would you be willing to make that drive? Am I worth it?
Just leave me a comment if you think it would be worthwhile for you... K.
I had to go and do something that I really did not want to do. I had to have my eyes examined. I know this doesn't sound all that traumatic, and it wasn't. It was the idea of having to do it. I started having bad vision when I was 14, my mom insisted that it couldn't be all that bad and didn't get around to taking me to an eye doctor until I was 15. By that time my vision was so bad I couldn't see past the end of my own arm. I had glasses all the way through high school. I had them right up until my girls were about three. That would have made me about 27. At that point I decided that I had had enough and I had lasik surgery done. I haven't had an eye exam since. That has been a little over 8 years. It is easily the best money I have ever spent. If anyone out there is thinking of doing it.... don't think anymore. JUST DO IT!
I was really afraid that I was going to go in and the doctor would tell me that my vision was so bad that I would have to go back to glasses every moment of every day again. Luckily I just need them to drive, and I don't even need them all that badly. He even said that my eyes are in better shape than a lot of people who had the surgery that long ago. I could have gone without, but they will help to make things a little more clear. Like those teeny tiny street signs that I can't read anymore unless I am standing right below them. So I am getting driving glasses... whats next... bifocals?
We had a great Halloween this year. The bug decided that she wanted to be a ghost. EASIEST COSTUME EVER! Lou Lou was Snow White, grandma made her the costume as dress up clothes for Christmas last year so that was really easy too. We went to the neighborhood trunk or treat and The Bug left us within 3 seconds of us being there. She took off with her friend and we didn't see her again until after 8 o'clock. This was a first for us. I tried not to panic. I tried to be the cool mom that could let her child relax and have fun without being watched like a hawk. It was really hard for me! I am fully capable of letting my children grow up. They just won't. So when they do something that is obviously so grown up it is really hard to just let it happen. It was actually really cool to see her go and do that, and I have to extend a special thanks for the sweet young lady that came and asked if she could go and trick or treat with her. It was very kind! It made for a very relaxed night too. Too bad we ran out of candy after about 30 minutes and had to start pilfering from Lou Lou's bag!
Here's the tunes
1. Ticket To Ride- The Beatles
2. Take the Fifth- Spoon
3. Ode- Creed
4. Hollywood- Collective Soul
5. It's a Sin- Pet Shop Boys
6. Traffic- Stereophonics
7. Wrong Way- Creed
8. Papa Don't Preach- Madonna
9. Tainted Love- Soft Cell (BEST 80's SONG EVER!)
10. I Turn My Camera On- Spoon (I misidentified another song as being the one that I heard on a Jaguar commercial, this is actually the one on the commercial.)


Elaine Shandra said...

No one knows how to drive because the DMV lets them use the book when they take the test, so they don't bother learning it, and then just do what they want! It bugs me too by the way - especially 4-way stops!

A blogger lunch sounds like fun! I'd drive to Layton, why not? Although not this weekend or next weekend, but pretty much open after that.

Teacher Teacher! said...

I'll come for lunch! But be aware, I might stay a bit longer than lunch. I just can't get enough of your family!!!!

Terresa said...

Time is a pain in my *&^&^$. I keep on trying to make peace with it but it's H a R d.

And jewelry on Etsy, I don't know. I think you're brave. I stick to Brighton & Chicos for my jewelry, and H&M & Target in between.

happy weekend!

M-Cat said...

Yes to Lay-On and amen to Lasik!

Sher said...

Well, I must drive you crazy, because I am perpetually late for everything. I HATE being early. It makes me feel like maybe I came at the wrong time. and I like feeling like people are expecting me, and are happy I finally made it. Totally self-absorbed, I know!

I was freaked out this summer about my Lasik going bad and needing glasses. Turns out blurred vision is one of the many symptoms of Grave's.

And of course, was drive all the way to Layton for you! As long as it's at a time when I could go without the kids. My hubby is out of town a lot this time of year, so nights would be hard.

Omgirl said...

I am so glad to see someone else who cares about actually following the rules of the road! My pet peeves are 1) being at a double right/left turn lane and having people turn from the inside lane into the outside lane or vice versa. hello! That is why there are TWO turn lanes! 2) people who don't know that cars going straight have the right of way over cars turning, especially in a parking lot. The other day I had two cars in a row make a turn in front of me in a parking lot as I was traveling striaight through the parking lot. I almost t-boned the first one, paused to look at him like he was crazy, and then the next lady behind him tried to turn in front of me too! Then she proceeded to yell at me through her car window (while on her phone) because I was looking at her like she was crazy too. UGH! 3) And yes, the left lane on the freeway is for PASSING, not driving in. Thank you for letting me co-vent with you!

R Max said...

I agree re the bad drivers and Pet Shop Boys are great! But, what do I see? Madonna?!!! Argghhhh!

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