Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Friday

I am not a politically active person but some things are coming to attention lately. I would honestly like to know what all of you think of this , because I don't really know what to think of it. I think there are some really good things said in it, however I do not believe in pledging myself to any one person. So tell me what you think. Lets keep it respectful though OK!
I also want to know if you are opting out of having your kids see the Presidents speech?
I have been more busy lately than I was before my kids went back to school! I haven't found a job yet (I haven't been looking either), but I have a lot to do. The garden has been providing me more work than I can keep up with. In the last week I have picked, washed, shredded, chopped, blanched, peeled, boiled, steamed, sauteed, canned, and frozen almost every kind of produce that my garden produces. I go to bed exhausted every night! It is hard work and I now appreciate everything my mother did to save money and provide these kinds of things for our family when I was younger. I remember her canning beans, corn, peaches, tomatoes, apricots, and just about everything else that she could get her hands on.
She worked so hard.
Now I understand why.
I am going to miss summer! Not the having the kids home part, but I am not ready for the cold!
I do however love fall. I love the brisk feel of the air and all the fall colors. I also love pumpkins. We are going to be selling a lot of them this year by the way, so if you want one...
call me first!
Tell me what you think of this too.
I almost think that the outfit is worse than anything else. There are other videos of the same thing, but they are hard to see. I know I have ranted about this before, but remind me...
why is it OK to let my kids like this girl again?

We Won!!!!
We actually didn't win anything but we have had a little item that has been bugging us for some time now. A year to be exact, and in an act of supreme kindness the other side has thrown up their hands and given up! Let me explain. When we bought our house last year it came with two mail boxes, this one...

and this one.
Mailbox number one is right next to the driveway, and number two is on the property line next to the neighbors. I have seen this before and knew immediately what the story was. You see Layton city post office requires that mail boxes be grouped to make it easier for their letter carriers to deliver. The people who built this house apparently did not notice this and build the nice brick box in the wrong place, then had to install another box because the postal carrier refused to deliver to the original box. Well we heard rumor that we could ask special permission to have our mail delivered to the brick box so when we moved in I called and asked, I was told in no uncertain terms that there was no way that this was going to happen. We had a little battle for a while there because a "substitute mail carrier" kept putting our mail in the brick box. For about two weeks straight I called the post office about every other day to inform them that I was OK with their mistake and if they wanted to deliver there they could. Every time I called I was told NO! So we gave up, I mean really is this really the worse thing to happen... no. So we have been happily receiving our mail from the "ugly box" and then yesterday I got this note in the box...
" I can start delivering your mail to the brick mail box if you would like to remove this one. Or I can continue to deliver to the metal box. Your choice. Your new letter carrier Amy"
Oh the shout for joy that echoed around my neighborhood! It was like Christmas day around here yesterday. So I went out today and my mail was already in the brick box!
Yee Haw!!!!!!
Here are the tunes:
1. E-pro- Beck
2. The New Pollution- Beck
3. Just Can't Get Enough- Depeche Mode
4. Save You- Pearl Jam
5. Dance Dance- Fallout Boy
6. Lies- Thompson Twins
7. Better Man- Perl Jam
8. Paralyzed- Rock Kills Kid
9. Rockstar- Nickleback
10. Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids

Evil- Interpol
Wishing Well- The Airborn Toxic Event
Shame- Self
Say It- Blue October
Nothing to Worry About- Peter Bjorn and John
Help, I'm Alive- Metric


Emanhaud said...

Yeah Amy! She deserves chocolates!

Emanhaud said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emanhaud said...

George Bush was heavily criticized by democrats when he spoke to Jr. High kids in 1991.

Teacher Teacher! said...

As a teacher, I find all of the "up in arms" really annoying. I can tell you from first hand experience, unless the president is talking about the girl fight that happened this week, how the school is going to start serving chocolate covered Hot Cheetos, or telling the countries children that they no longer have to attend school, but enroll in all day video game boot camp for boys and makeover madness for the girls: most of them will not listen to a word he says. Good job for the President for wanting to talk to our nation's students. Bad job to the country for thinking he's trying to "brainwash our children". Video games, rated R movies, and nationally mandated curriculums/standardized test have already done this. :) Off my soapbox now to lesson plan for next week.

val of the south said...

Yay Teacher Teacher! May I quote you on that? I totally agree. This whole thing is way out of hand.

Maybe I'm being naive - but I think the whole pledge thing was kind of cool - it did not ring of Hitler to me at all. I think pledging to serve is maybe not such a bad thing.

Fiauna said...

You already know I feel about the video. But my kids did watch the speech which was totally different and completely unrelated to the video. I think many people are confused about this and think the video debate and the speech debate are the same debate. No. Let me tell you, as an insider, they are not the same thing.

When my neighbor asked her 1st grader what she learned from watching the video, she responded, "we serve Barack Obama." So now you tell me if that video should have be shown to elementary aged children.

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