Monday, September 14, 2009

A little game

Have you ever put something down in a room and it becomes a part of that room. Let me explain. We acquired a pool this summer, and as a consequence of this we also acquired a lot of towels hanging around. I decided that the perfect place for said towels was the half bathroom that is right next to our garage. This way we come into the house dripping wet, towel off in the bathroom, and proceed upstairs to get dressed. Well the pool has not been used for about the last month and a half. We finally drained it this weekend. I went into the bathroom today and found this sitting on the floor.

It had become so much a part of the room that I completely forgot about it until it fell down. Does anyone else do this? I set things down in places, not because they belong there but simply because it is an empty space. Eventually I do notice them again, and put them away, but sometimes this can take a while. I am a fairly organized person, and when I say fairly, that means that if you look in my cupboards or closets everything is very neat. However, I do have a problem with clutter. Which is stupid because who looks at your closets anyway. I should be nice and neat where everyone sees but sadly...
I love find it games so I decided to play a little game with everyone. If you can correctly identify each item that is not in the right place in each photo you win! I haven't decided what you win yet, probably a set of earrings or something. I will tell you how many items are in the wrong place in each picture and then it is up to you.
(Sorry the pictures are blurry, I think something is on my lens, but hey, maybe it adds to the difficulty of the task... right?)
P.S. You cant win this game from facebook, so if you are going to comment you have to go to my blog and comment there!
So here goes....

There are seven items in this picture

There are three items in this one

five on this one

Two here

and one BIG one here!
So there you go, whoever wins gets a "major award"!


Troy said...

I am terrible at these games, so you win!!!!

Omgirl said...

Oh my gosh, I can SO relate! I am just like that. Generally quite clean and tidy. But I have an issue with finding the "right" place for things (mainly because my house has no storage) so somethings a thing will sit in the wrong place for a long time until I cease to see it. Or it will get moved from place to place in the house because I can't find a quick spot and can't take the time to find a permanant home. I'm so relieved I'm not the only one! (That pic of the cucumbers made me laugh because I have had a bowl of tomatoes in my kitchen for 2 weeks that have gone from the fridge to the counter at least 5 times!)

Fiauna said...

There is no way I can play this game; I am a very unorganized person. Sure my house may appear clean, laundry done, floors vacuumed and mopped. But don't open a cupboard or closet. And DON'T look under the beds!

annie valentine said...

I can't tell my clutter from my crap, so I'm not about to try at yours. Frankly, it all looks good to me.

Yes, I met your husband! I think I scared him and Mike to death when I barged into the house incognito.

ZiggyandFamily said...

I so agree with "Omgirl"! There were tomatoes, squash and cucumbers all over the counter as we "grazed" all summer from our garden. But even though things in view are not "put away" (because they are in use, or have not decided where to live, or, or, or, or) doesn't mean that I do not know were they are. Hehe... I'm such a control person, because I HATE to search for anything. Seems a waste of time. Maybe that's why I only like to "make" new clothes or projects not "fix" them. Guess that's why the Lord gave me Tom; he loves to fix things and look for hours for things.......

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