Friday, September 25, 2009

Fridays Random Thoughts and Tunes

This is my 187th post, I am going to do another give away for my 200th, if there is anyone out there who wants to donate.... well... anything, for my 200th please let me know!
I am officially going to change the way I look at food!
I am going to change the way I treat my body!
I am going to change the way I exercise!
I am not going on a diet, I am going to change my lifestyle!
I am making the choice to be healthy!
Anyone with me?
We had yet another meeting with The Bugs teachers today. Yet again we all sat around the table to talk about my child and what needs to change. Hopefully it will work out the way we all discussed. She now has a chart that has to be checked off for each class, and has to earn the right to have free time. The thing that hit me when we did this was that I found out that the other kids that have this same system set up for them are autistic. It is depressing that my "normal" kid has to be treated just like the autistic kids in her class. So much for normalcy!
Does anyone else out there go grocery shopping and come home to discover there is still nothing in the house that you want to eat. I buy things for breakfast and dinner, but some how lunch just gets left behind. I went shopping yesterday, came home and put everything away, just to discover that there was nothing that I wanted to eat for lunch. We are big on leftovers in our house, I would say that 99% of the time there is something in a Tupperware container that I can heat up. Yesterday was the exception. I had spaghetti-o's the day before so that was out. I settled for a sandwich, not one of my favorite things but oh well. Anyone else have this problem?
My friend Teacher Teacher has a blog now. I just realized that I should have done a shout out for her quite a while ago. It is all about her life and travails as a single middle school teacher. Go check it out, I guarantee she will make you think and/or crack you up!
I am starting up my cooking class for kids again. If you are in the Davis County area and, have kids over the age of 8 that would like to learn how to cook, just email me or comment and I will provide you with the details.
I think there is something wrong with my eye. I am under this impression because it hurts... bad! I can't blink without pain. I wonder if I should get it checked out... huh... maybe. I hate going to the doctor, especially right now. I have kind of had enough of them this week. That goes for dentist too!
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes last week! It is good to know so many people care!
I gotta go and tackle a mountain of laundry, so here are the tunes!

1. Great DJ- The Ting Tings
2. Roll the Credits- Peter Bjorn and John
3. Who Knew- Pink
4. I Feel Loved- Depeche Mode
5. Time Won't Let Me Go- The Bravery
6. Doctor! Doctor!- The Thompson Twins
7. Paper Planes- MIA
8. Pressure Zone- Beck
9. Piano Concerto No. 17- Mozart
10. Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
This Woman's Work- Kate Bush


The Boob Nazi said...

I love how it always starts like that. No diet, lifestyle change!!!! I'm right there with you. I just lost almost 20 pounds! Yay. Unfortunately, none of that is included in the contest with my family.... BOOO

M-Cat said...

Yay for lifestyle changes. Good luck, stick with it!

Boo for painful eye. Ya prolly better get it looked at......

Elaine Shandra said...

I definitely have the same grocery problem... Also, one day a few months ago, my eye started to hurt really bad too. I found out that I had managed to cut the surface of the eye with the little granules in my facewash!! After some prescription eye drops it was all better.

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