Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feelin Fine

(no bagging on my misspelling OK)
What a weekend!
So let me fill you in on my fun fun fun weekend. It all started on Thursday, when I went in for my laproscopic procedure. First I will tell you why I had to have this done. I have very severe endometriosis and it causes me a considerable amount of pain. There... did that cover all of the questions? Well if it didn't tough luck that is all you get.
I went in on Thursday to get this done, my amazing sister accompanied me because S couldn't get that much time off of work right now and I didn't want to put it off any more.
I HATE being anesthetized
Is that strong enough for all of you?
So when I went in my nerves were a little jumbled. Plus there is that whole not being allowed to eat after 11 pm the previous night. So jittery, hungry, thirsty, = grumpy, but I was trying to stay good tempered so I didn't bum everyone else out. They called me in and gave my my "special very modest robes to put on, and then we sat an chatted with the nurse while they inserted my IV, I had to be stuck twice because she overshot the first vein in my hand. That was a first for me. Really! I have never had to be stuck twice. Good veins! So now my arm hurts, as does my hand. They take all my vitals and I guess the doctor hadn't arrived yet so we spent the next 30 minutes chatting it up with the nurse. My sister and I separately are very capable of keeping people talking for hours, so this wasn't hard for the two of us together. The OR nurse finally came in to get all the same info that I just gave too the first nurse, we were discussing what I was having done (did you know that the removal of an ovarie is called an ooferectomy? NO I did not have it removed.... this time) when all of the sudden the entire place goes pitch black.
The generator kicks in within a couple of minutes, and it is calmly explained to me that they will not be taking me back on auxiliary power.
So we wait it out... and wait... and wait. My doc comes in and entertains us for a while, the nurses check on us a lot, we switch to a room that is running on the auxiliary lights, so we can see the magazines we are trying to read. We wait some more. Finally the lights go up again. Now I am not sure how long it took because there wasn't a clock anywhere in sight and I didn't have a watch on but it seemed to take at least an hour. My nerves were already frayed by this point so all I could do was laugh. Within 5 minutes of the power going on I was laying on a table with an oxygen mask on. I don't remember anything after that, THANK GOODNESS!
I woke up in pain!
I think that is the thing that I hate the most about surgery, is that I wake up from it disoriented, in pain, and highly nauseated! Anesthesia makes me very sick, and cold! I was shaking so hard from cold that the entire bed was rattling. The finally gave up on the warm blankets and put the equivalent of a cocoon attached to a hair dryer on me.
Instant warm.... aaaahhhhhhhh!
I was taken to a special room after warming up for a while, so that I could throw up with a little less privacy. S had come up and my sister was there, so that made me feel better, but it took a long time for me to be ready to leave. I finally gave up on being at the pain level that I wanted to be at and told them "I just want to go home". I really didn't care how I felt I just wanted to be in my own bed, in my own home. Somehow they managed to get me to the car, and back home. Three days later, I am feeling better, sore but better. I even got to go to the Carnival for Autism yesterday, it was exhausting, but it was good to get out. Thanks to all of you who sent you well wishes, and concern my way! Love you all!


The Boob Nazi said...

Carnival for autism???? HOW DID I MISS THIS?

M-Cat said...

Good to know you are on the mend. And I would likely guess that the procedure being over and done with will be a good thing in the end right?

I had an oblation a year ago, and LOVED it!

MomBabe said...

Oh hon, I hope you feel lots better now.

Omgirl said...

I'm glad you came out of that OK! I hope you're not in too much pain. So don't think I'm crazy, but I love anesthsia! I get such a good night's sleep the night after. the most deep, luscious, restorative sleep ever. Of course, I also get super sick from it, so I always tell them ahead of time to make me a nice cocktail with anti-nausea medicine put right in with the anesthetic (otherwise they wait until you puke to give it to you, and that's too late, in my opinion) and that helps a ton. Since I've started doing that, I've had no problem with anesthsia at all. (Oh, and I LOVE those warm blankets! I wish I had a blanket warmer at my house!)

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