Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Weekend Away

We had a great time this weekend, we ate a lot, we talked a lot, we laughed a lot. We got to hang out with these people...

Brian, and Marley, Kirk and Alissa, Dave and Chris, Travis and Ashlee, S and Me.

We also saw something that we haven't see for quite a while... and I have NEVER seen in August...
Yep, thats right,
Big, heavy, wet, flakes.
SUCKS huh!
It only did this for a couple of hours on Saturday morning and we were tucked away in a nice warm "cabin". After that it looked like this for the rest of the weekend.

We took advantage of the nice weather to enjoy some of the scenery...

We stayed here the second night...
I wouldn't give it the greatest review but it was nice to get away.

There was some amazing scenery there too...

I have to admit that I have never liked the idea of living in a small town but, after this weekend I may have to change my mind.
That is, until we wanted to go to a movie, and we had exactly two choices.
To top it all off we had a free babysitter for the weekend.
Now if that isn't spoiled I don't know what is!
(school starts in 4 days!!!!! Depeche Mode in 5!!!!!!!!.... Not that I am counting.)


Omgirl said...

Did I miss where you said that was? It looks beautiful!!! I haven't spent any time up in the mountains this year, and that is unfortunate. Your pictures are making me wish I was 2000 miles higher up!

Sarah said...

it is up in the Uintahs (sp?) and it was beautiful, once it quit snowing!

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