Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things I may have heard myself say this week...

  • Don't jump up and down in the bathtub, you will break something you need to keep.
  • Don't lick the table, especially somewhere in public.
  • How come you can remember the song for the Coco Puffs commercial but you can't remember your math facts.
  • Don't lick me!
  • Don't lick the dog!
  • I think she threw the poop over the gate into the kitchen, and some got into my shoe.
  • Dude! (yelled at top volume at the four rows of people sitting behind us at the Depeche Mode concert, but aimed primarily at our neighbors that just happened to be sitting behind us.)
  • Tough noogies, you get new teachers anyway!
  • I live nursery every day!
  • No more sugar for you... EVER!!!


M-Cat said...

Sadly, I too have had to say "Don't lick the dog" : )

Vanessa said...

Did you see Mindi and Tib @ DM??

Licking the dog, not good.

Sher said...

That's hilarious! I should do this, becaues I say and hear ridiculous things all day. I just can never remember anything.

p.s. How did you do your header? I love it!

Jo said...

They did NOT call you to the nursery. Oh my heck.

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