Friday, July 17, 2009

Random friday stuff with some tunes

It is a pretty rare thing when we can get a good picture of Lou Lou. My niece Mandy seems to have a knack for this kind of thing. Which is why I handed her my camera the other day when we were at Grandma's house. This is just one of the ones she came back with. I love seeing my child looking "normal" it doesn't happen often. I know I know that sounds awful but part of her "disorder" is that she makes these horrible faces all the time, so it is very gratifying when we can actually capture her "on film" making a pretty face. I messed with the color and light on this one a little to give it a soften look.
( I have no idea why this is all underlined, and I don't know how to fix it!
It did this when I tried to move my images around)

Cooking class is going well, I had 11 kids in my house the other day. Trying to teach that many kids was a little daunting I have to admit. I thought it went pretty well though and they all said they liked it and several came back for Thursdays lesson. We have made banana bread, breakfast cookies (much to the dismay of The Bug, she is a little burned out on them), Chocolate cupcakes (with zucchini in them) with strawberry cream cheese frosting, and home made spaghetti sauce. I am thinking next week it will be home made cinnamon caramels, and strawberry peach jam. I have to admit that even with all the chaos, I am really enjoying this. I may even keep it up after summer is over.
(It appears as though my font has changed too!)
We are going camping tonight! This is always a challenge with an autistic child. Hopefully it will go well. Our little pop-up trailer helps a lot. It is pretty funny to watch it at night and see it rocking back and forth as she is trying to go to sleep. I will update you all when I get back and let you know what kind of mayhem ensued.
I found a page on Facebook the other day for the place I used to work when I was 16. I still have dreams about that place, OK not often but occasionally. It freaks me out ever time. I worked there for three years! My two best friends worked there, I even got my boyfriend at the time a job there. I swear I ate (literally, it was a fast food place), slept, and breathed that place. It kind of caught me off guard seeing people on that page that I haven't seen in almost 16 years! Can you guess what we made?
Here are the random tunes for the week:

1. Whats On Your Mind (Pure Energy)- Information Society
2. Decode- Paramore
3. Poker Face- Lady GaGa (I am ashamed to admit I actually paid for this song)
4. Ocean Breathes Salty- Modest Mouse
5. Hey-Ho Away We Go- Fruer
6. Title and Registration- Death Cab for Cutie
7. Every Breath You Take- The Police
8. Fascination Street- The Cure
9. I Melt With You- Modern English (You should see The Bug dance around to this, she thinks it is so awesome because it is on the Sky High soundtrack!)
9. Everlong- Foo Fighters
10. Blue Savannah- Erasure


The Boob Nazi said...

I love corn dogs.

M-Cat said...

So did you get to wear that cool hot-dog-on-a-stick hat too???

Sarah said...


Fiauna said...

I so understand about the picture thing. That is why we haven't had a family portrait taken in the last four years. When we want a decent group photo, we set my husband's camera on the rapid-fire setting. After taking like a million rapid-fire photos we usually find one that will work.

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