Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping post #1

On Friday we got a late start so, when we finally got up to the place that we wanted to camp at everything was full. We plodded on and finally ended up here (or just past it anyway).

We found a beautiful place to make camp, up at Monte Cristo.

We ended up needing a few items, some of which became pretty popular toys.
(Yes that is a fly swatter, she loved it!)

Although I didn't bother to beautify myself for the entire weekend, I did consent to have a few pictures taken.

We were camped up amongst the trees but some of us decided to go a little higher.
(The scope of this picture is lost in the fact that you don't see that this stump is 6 feet tall)

There was some absolutely beautiful scenery, and gorgeous color!

On one of our sight seeing trips, the mayhem in the car prompted me to hand The Bug my camera and knock herself out.
These are the result.
This is a lovely shot of my Ipod, and the tag we got to show were had paid to camp until Sunday.

This is a lovely shot of the back of the drivers seat.

Nice picture of S ignoring her.

Lou Lou bored.

And lets not forget a self portrait.

All together a pretty good weekend... but wait there is more... later anyway.


M-Cat said...

I love to see what pics the kids take. Nicely done, and that looked like F.U.N!

The Boob Nazi said...

Was it really hot? Ugh.

Kim Milius said...

Looks like a fun trip!

Sher said...

How fun! I need to talk C into letting us go camping. (He'd rather stay home and watch TV).

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