Thursday, July 2, 2009

Path of Destruction (A Photo Essay)

As some of you know I have an autistic daughter. Lou Lou can be very destructive. For some reason lately this has been a lot worse than usual. We kind of expect some sort of regression in her behavior during the summer because no matter how hard we try we just can't provide the kind of structure for her that her teachers can in class. After all there are about 5 teachers and only one of me. This week has been particularly bad, she has weaved a path of destruction through our house for about the last two weeks. Thank heaven for the extended school program, so she has somewhere to go for a while so I can clean up.

Do you see the goose egg on her forehead? Well that is self inflicted. She has this thing with going up stairs lately. She has to go up them two at a time. Usually I hold her hand while she is trying to do this but on Sunday she pulled her hand out of mine while we were coming inside. We have a rather large set of wooden stairs on our back porch. I was distracted I admit, we had friends over and I was talking and thinking of other things when she pulled her hand out of mine. Plus she has become really good at stairs since we moved into a house with 50 billion of them, so I wasn't too worried. Anyway we were coming up them and she was right behind me, when I heard the thump and turned around to see her sliding down the stairs with her legs tucked under her in fetal position. So she slid down on her shins, OUCH! She landed on the cement and scraped up her elbows, and knees and got a hit on the head too. She still won't go up the stairs normally I have to keep reminding her that she fell and that she doesn't want to do that again.

Anyone remember this post? Remember how proud I was that she was starting to write her letters. She has gotten really good at her E's especially. See she has used our nice leather chair for practice!

Note to self: Do not leave autistic child alone in family room with unlocked cabinets... on second thought do not leave autistic child alone... EVER!

And these are just the things I happened to get a picture of.


Jo said...

OH geez. Let's not ever, ever, ever get our two together. Talk about destruction.

The Boob Nazi said...

Oh my gosh. My nephew is a complete destroyer too.

Terresa said...

{Lump in throat...trying to type while blinking back the tears.}

Maybe I'm just overly emotional today...

I've griped about my 4 little kids going through their toddler & pre-K phases (which they mostly grow out of) -- spilling milk, coloring on our pine dining room table, and getting their heads & ears stuck in our curtain tie-backs.

But your life as a mama, life with an autistic child, is an adventure, a whole different thing, each and every moment.

You are a rockstar mama.

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